TO BE READ Have you read any good books lately?

How many times have you stood in a library or a bookshop, wanting to read a great new (or old) book, but feeling lost, not sure what to pick? Well, Words & Pictures wants to help. Starting this month, we will be publishing To Be Read, a feature with suggestions from YOU for what we should be reading next.

I was a big bookworm as a child – were you? I am a still a big bookworm as an adult – are you? That hasn't changed, and neither has my reading tendencies – I still can't resist a good children's book and to launch Words Pictures new To Be Read feature. it seemed fitting to begin with books about books, reading and writing. They are the three things SCBWI members care about the most after all!

Picture books

A 'wordless board book that isn’t truly a book. Instead, it’s a laptop, dinosaur and many more exciting things.'

A book that looks at reasons not to read, from 'excuses like "I haven’t got time", to issues surrounding diversity and the fact that an alien is more likely to appear in a picture book than a BAME child, to misconceptions about those who struggle with reading. From Barrington Stokes and aimed at reluctant readers. It looks very funny and engaging.

The crayons feel they are not being treated equally by their young owner, so they go on strike. I'll be honest–I've already read this one. It was too funny not to finish once I started.

Middle grade books


Property Jones was found in a lost property office and raised by a bookshop family. She has a dark secret though–she can't read. When her family wins the lottery and acquires the most magnificent bookshop in the world (which sounds like one we'd all like to visit), things start to go wrong. 


My Name Is Book, by poet John Agard, illustrated by Neil Packer
'...and I'll tell you the story of my life.' A nonfiction 'autobiography' by Book, this tells the history of books from the time of cavemen telling stories, through papyrus scrolls and illuminated manuscripts up until ebooks, with asides on all kinds of subjects. One chapter is called 'How Sheep Entered My Life'. It looks like a fascinating must-read for a book-loving child (or adult).

Kiichi and the Magic Books, by Taka Amano
popular manga series about a world where books are rare–and come alive. 'A boy with horns is shunned by the people in his village, but when he sees creatures like him in a book he follows a traveling librarian to find out more about his kind. It doesn't take long for the boy's journey to turn into an epic quest to save the world.' 

12-year-old Nick is football-mad. But he's got problems: his parents are separating, there are bullies at school, he's trying to understand girls...and he 'hates words' –his father is a linguist–but discovers they can help him. A novel in verse that looks really absorbing.

YA books

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman (who is only 22!) 

Frances Janvier is a 'highly academic study machine'. Everyone knows Aled Last as that quiet boy who gets straight As. But this is not a love story. 

This one gets lots of five stars on Amazon.

Do you have any favourite books about books, reading or writing? Add them in the comments to build the list or email with the subject line To be Read Feature.

Julie Sullivan is a SCBWI volunteer who spent her childhood reading.


Lead photo from Bandita at Flickr

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