This month, author L. M. Sorrell shares her stationery passions with Anita Loughrey.

SCBWI member L. M. Sorrell’s YA novel, Broken Blue was published on Amazon on November the 5th 2017 (remember, remember…). It is a dark young-adult urban fantasy, with a touch of paranormal romance.

In an interview with Anita Loughrey, L. M. Sorrell revealed she treats pens, like Sharpies and anything cheap and cheerful that has any kind of glitter on them, like collectors’ items. They make her VERY happy. The Sharpie fixation, along with glitter gel pens, started as one pack of each when she needed to use various colours for the Golden Egg Academy Book Mapping course. Since then, if there is a special edition set of Sharpies within striking distance – metallics, pastels, you name it, she just has to have them.

Her favourite and most special pen is a Swarovski pen. It’s black and gold, squared-off around the barrel and encrusted with black Swarovski crystals. It lives in a little black velvet pouch ready to be used for book signing.

When buying notebooks, she mainly goes for aesthetics and a size that will fit in her handbag. Although she keeps a large A4 notepad on her desk at home for big scribbles.

She loves sticky notes and uses them as bookmarks on pages to note inspiring prose or dialogue by other writers. They are stuck all over her desk and monitor to remind her of ideas that need to go into the work in progress, and for plotting. She also has huge pieces of paper and a corkboard on the wall covered with sticky notes. Each note depicts a scene or important event in the story. They are ideal as she can move them around the board to reorder scenes and events.

This article is abridged from an original interview on the Papers Pens Poets blog. You can find out more about L. M. Sorrell and her stationery there.

Papers Pens Poets is a blog where writers can share their passion for all things stationery. It is the brain child of SCBWI member Jo Franklin and co-run by her and SCBWI’s membership coordinator, Anita Loughrey. The blog contains reviews, articles, and weekly interviews with a wide range of authors, covering books of all age ranges and genres.

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