Have fun this Christmas trying this fiendish quiz from Caroline Deacon.

1. In Narnia, it’s always winter but never Christmas, which sounds like no fun at all. Which four children visit Narnia during the reign of the White Witch? (One point for each child’s name and an extra point for their surname).

The White Witch from the 2005 movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

2. Which children’s author is currently re-writing the Narnia stories for a modern audience? And what are the names of the re-writes so far? (One point for the author, and one point for each of the new titles).


Picture from 2010 movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 

3. In a classic children’s novel, an orphan has to leave her beloved childhood home in the Alps. What is the eponymous heroine called? And can you name the author? (Bet you can’t!)


Alps landscape. Image by Joe from Pixabay

4. The prolific Robin Stevens set one of her murder mysteries at Christmas time. What was it called? What is the series called? And an extra two points if you can name her schoolgirl detective duo.


Nancy Drew illustration from Pinterest

5. What was the final present my true love gave to me on the twelfth day of Christmas? And what date is this?


 Christmas tree
[Picture credit: Caroline Deacon]

6. What are the names of Santa’s reindeer in the children’s poem, The Night Before Christmas? (There are eight, and none of them are called Rudolf. Half a point for each).


The Night Before Christmas, illustration by Will Moses, published by Philomel Books/Penguin Books for Young Readers

7. In Terry Prachett’s Wintersmith, the spirit of winter falls in love with the main character, a trainee witch. What is her name?


Wintersmith illustration by Paul Kidby

8. In Beatrix Potter’s Christmas story, the Tailor of Gloucester sends his cat Simpkin out to buy what colour of silk thread, so he can finish making the mayor’s Christmas morning wedding outfit?


Illustration from The Tailor of Gloucester by Beatrix Potter

9. We all love Charles DickensA Christmas Carol, but in the one-off dramatisation, Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, Ebenezeer Blackadder is the nicest man in England. Who plays the ghostly spirit of Christmas who visits him to show him how good he is? 

Illustration for A Christmas Carol by Arthur Rackham, from Pinterest

10. What is the animal symbol for the Christmas Day star sign?

Considerable Falls of Snow by Eric Ravilious

You will find the answers here.

* Feature Image of winter landscape by Alain Audet from Pixabay


Caroline Deacon lives in Edinburgh and is the author of several childcare books. She now writes MG and YA and is agented by Lindsay Fraser of Fraser Ross Associates, Edinburgh. Find her on Twitter and at


Anne Boyere is a member of the Words & Pictures editorial team.

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