Add up your marks! Maximum 25 points.



1 Susan, Edmund, Lucy and Peter, Surname Pevensey (max five points)


2. Piers Torday. The Lost Magician and The Frozen Sea. (Max three points). Brilliant books - you must read them if you haven’t already done so!


3. Heidi; Johanna Spyri. (One point for Heidi, and two points for Johanna Spyri for such amazing literary knowledge! Maximum of three points)


4. Mistletoe and Murder, from The Murder Most Unladylike mysteries. Detective duo Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong (max four points)


5. Twelve drummers drumming. Either 5th or 6th January depending whether you start counting on Christmas Day or Boxing day. (Max two points)


6. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen (half a point for each - maximum of four points. Donner is also sometimes called Donder or Dunder, and Blitzen could also be Blixem)


7. Tiffany Aching. (One point)


8. Cherry coloured. (One point - and very well deserved, that was a hard question!)


9. Robbie Coltrane. (One point)


10. A goat. (One point)

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