More on the Sketchcrawl!

The morning was cold and clear and the company, warm and fun. The images above were done in the V&A Museum in the afternoon. While drawing the study of the fellow with the hawk from one of the huge tapestries at the museum, I was asked very politely to leave for a half hour while the tapestries were given a rest from the light. I then went to Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit exhibit and was amazed at the vast amount of studies she made of her pet rabbit who of course, became Peter. Only that kind of 'knowing' your character so well would allow for this amazing view of Peter jumping as above.

At the Natural History Museum I warmed up on a horse head skull - I was thinking about a Susan Cooper book cover, then sketched this impressive mammal the Maned Wolf.

Last year I played around with the idea of pangolin characters and seeing this little guy inspired me to pull them out again and see how I could develop them more. All and all it was wonderful inspiring day. The usual anxiety of sketching in public just wasn't there knowing you had friends drawing throughout the museum. We all agreed we would definitely do it again in the new year and hopefully make it a regular event. Hope to see more illustrators at the next one!


  1. Wow, wish I could draw like that. Oh well, some can draw some can write stories.

  2. I love the little Pangolin character!

  3. I remember the Pangolin, your drawing made me want to go back to the museum and seek the little chap out!


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