February Sketchcrawl in London

By Anne-Marie Perks

Clare Tovey, Anita Loughrey, Bridget Strevens-Marzo and myself, met at the Museum of Childhood as growing throngs of school children collected at the front entrance. All the children, teachers and parents added a wonderful energy to the venue, making it at times hard to choose between sketching the constantly moving children or the incredible exhibits throughout the museum. I was mesmerized by the old wooden rocking horse above because of the lovely organic line formed by the shape of the horse and the beautifully crafted details still visible in the wood on the horse's anatomy.

I wanted to spend more time in the 'costume' area of the museum and will definitely go back. This amazing silk dress had intricate embroidered flowers and birds all through the bodice, sleeves and skirt. The small bespoke leather shoe went with it. Next to this exhibit were a range of shoes from different ages the children could try on.

Above is a couple of examples of 'handmade' toys from history. I made rag dolls as a child and with my own daughters, so loved the plaited wheat dolls. As I was drawing the cat, children were sitting all around me drawing the same toys from the same case guessing which was the oldest toy. I can tell you it was the small flat wooden doll from Egypt.

The following three drawings were done by Anita Loughrey, and this was her very first sketchcrawl and the first time she had done any observational drawing in years. I think we may have a convert!
Above, a big red train, 1920 - 1930.

A sampling from all the great teddy bears from different ages. Each bear had great distinctive faces.

Fantasy Flyer, Anita's first drawing of the day. As we passed our books around at lunch we spoke about the great comments said by the children and the unveiled excitement that showed through their body language, movement and noise level in general inside the museum. It was a great day and we are looking forward to the next one!

Not shown, but hope to follow up with images from Clare Tovey and Bridget Strevens-Marzo.


  1. Looks great! Will be sending some images soon when can get to scanner again. (Living room in disarray due to gas boiler servicing)

  2. I was so disappointed to have missed this event, but these are some lovely images, well done everyone!


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