By Paul Morton

Between commissioned work I like to find time for using my sketchbook/notebooks. I've always carried one of these with me ever since leaving college and it sometimes becomes my second brain.
Ideas are jotted down and developed, stored like in Dumbledore's pensive, and surprisingly re-discovered and used years later.
At the moment I want to draw children, and in particular one little boy for a wordless Picture Book I'm working on, set in a garden.
I need to draw and draw until the shape of the limbs, the folds and bulk of the clothes and the expressions, come naturally to me.
These are some early examples from the last 2 weeks, I've a long way to go before becoming close to Shirley Hughes!

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  1. Dare I say, I prefer your kid's expressions, at least in a couple of close-ups in the first and last pics, than those in Hughes's! She tends to make all kids look a bit alike - a bit heavy around the chin. Sacrilege I know! But funny how her work isn't appreciated internationally, though it's still popular in the US and UK.
    Anyway now I've made this risky confession, I'll look forward to seeing more of yours - kids running and all!


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