Creating the artwork for my new book

By Lynne Chapman

I'm a bit behind with my 'Swap! artwork, so no more time for filming: it been head-down-time this week.

This was my desk on Friday night. I have decided to treat myself to some bigger, bolder bits of artwork for the next few days, having focussed on vignettes for quite a few days now, which are so fiddly. The joy of these bigger, simpler images is that you cover vast areas of the paper really quickly, so get a great sense of achievement.

Of course, having blocked in the main areas, I still have to slow down and fill in all the detail, but at least I have the sensation of having got lots under my belt to start with.

I'm working on two at once like this when I can: it helps to speed things up when the images contain similar content. If you want to learn more about how I create my pastel artwork, take a look at my YouTube channel or the films page of my website


  1. A treat to see this in progress - thanks Jon

  2. Kathryn, this is not my post, but Lynne's. For some reason the blog feed to the SCBWI Facebook page still shows me as sole author of all the posts, when it should show the individual contributors. I wish I knew how to fix this, but the guidelines don't seem to be working. Sorry for the ongoing confusion.


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