The Fox the Crow and the Smelly Old Cheese

By Anna Violet

I've been experimenting with tie-dyeing for backgrounds and I thought I'd share some of my images from the Fox and Crow and Cheese Aesops Fable that I've reworked .  I like the atmostphere/drama the tie-dye textures can give. 


  1. These are really lovely images, John. I'm always interested to see the way people find new ways to add texture to backgrounds and this is very successful. Did you paint the foreground images directly onto the the-dyed backgrounds? Great fox btw!

  2. Thanks Mike :). I scanned all the elements in separately and collaged them together on the computer, with the tie dye as a bottom layer. I've had to knock back the opacity in places, too.

  3. you're right Anna, these are lovely textures. I really like the way you experiment with materials! Very strong compositions too.

  4. Hi Anna,
    they ARE really striking images, and not just the backgrounds but the strong graphic style of the crows and fox.
    Good stuff.


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