Print Showcase Winners at the 2012 Conference

The Illustrator's Print Showcase introduced at Bright Horizons, the SCBWI Conference in Winchester this year was displayed both in the Conference venue and the Book Launch party at the Guildhall. Massive thanks to Anne-Marie, Loretta and the other organisers for the hard work of moving around the images. Three illustrations were voted the faculty and attendee favourites, here are the winning prints by Amber Hsu, Layn Marlow and Nicola Robinson!  

Amber Hsu Lady with Dogs
Layn Marlow Too Small For My Bed
Nicola Robinson Attack of the Killer Squid

SCBWI also had two portfolio winners - Best Professional Portfolio was won by Briony Stewart and Best Up and Coming Portfolio by Jion Sheibani.

Lastly, Jane Heinrichs won the best Promo Mailer competition with her pop up Frog Prince in a kissing booth.

Congratulations to all the artists!


  1. Congratulations to all the winners. There are some really striking pictures here! I particularly like Amber's restrained palette of colours. Excellent.
    And a big round of thanks to Anne-Marie, Loretta and helpers. It sounds like it was a more difficult task than normal to organise the exhibition this year.

  2. Absolutely loved the chance to see our illustrator talent - you were all winners in my eyes!

  3. Yes big congrats to you three faves!
    It was a great way of drawing attention to the exhibition.
    I was one of the vote gatherers, and dragged (or bribed with wine) more than a few authors and publishers (including Kate Wilson!) to come away from the party throng and view the show and tick their pick of the pictures on the list of titles.
    I believe every picture got a least one tick from someone and several others got more than 4 or 5 ticks. I didn't tote up how many of the huge crowd of attendees and faculty actually voted.

    I noticed that fantasy YA authors tended to plump got for the 'darker' images like the Giant Squid and picture book people went (of course!) for the brighter coloured stuff. It is all very subjective.

    The show was pre-selected for children's book relevance as well as quality. There were some works which were fine but not really about books so they had to be excluded.

    In any case the sheer breadth of choice does prove that whatever the subject and style, there's someone out there who will like your work!

  4. Congratulations to the winners - it was great to have the exhibition at the party. It added another dimension to a wonderful conference. Thanks for blogging about it John.

  5. Thanks for the blogpost John! I feel really honoured just to be in the company of such talent! I'm bummed I didn't make it to the conference but it's nice to see so many pics from it on fb and blogger - though I do feel I missed out big time!! Ah well, next year....

  6. Congratulations! It was great to have them all up for us to see. And congratulations to Amber who was one of the brilliant bookplate illustrators, too, I believe?


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