Out of this world!

Time to ditch the diet and tuck into another piece of cake this week in honour of Jo Franklin and her exciting news!

After bagging lovely agent Anne Clark earlier this year Jo is now the proud owner of a two book deal for her debut novel “Help I'm an Alien.” and it's sequel. They've been bought by German publisher Coppenrath.

 This is what Jo has to say about it all -

"I started writing deep in the last century before biros were invented. I have been taking it very seriously for the last seven years but still write with a fountain pen. Working with my agent Anne Clark has been amazing. I have a wonderful network of SCBWI friends, but having a professional on my side, helping, coaxing, willing me to succeed is a dream come true for me. Anne was an editor before she branched out on her own as an agent so she knows exactly what my work needs to engage the interest of publishers. I’m not sure I should admit this but I don’t speak German, so having a German publisher is a total surprise. But a very welcome one." 

Jo also has some wonderful praise for her SCBWI critique group and I'm sure they've been indulging in some champagne and cake on her behalf.

"Everyone says publishing a book is a collaboration. Certainly for me getting this far has been. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful critique group who I meet with every week during term time. They are my greatest fans and my fiercest critics and have been tireless in their patience and support for my work. I really would not have got this far without them."

"So the secrets of my small success are : determination, a thick skin, brilliant support network and strict routine. Which reminds me … I should be in the library."

 Help I'm an Alien is a funny, feel good story for 8-10 year olds. Poor Daniel feels such a misfit that when his sister tells him he is an alien, he believes her. So with the help of his two friends he makes plans to return to his home planet.  But Dan's plans don't exactly work out and when something unexpected happens he has to work out who he really is and where he truly belongs. 

Jo's agent Anne Clark is also excited about the news!

"I'm delighted about Jo's two-book deal for Help! I'm an Alien and it's sequel Help! I'm a Brainiac. I love the way that Jo roots her funny stories about Danny and friends in her affectionate observations of boys and the way they interact with the people around them - behind the wacky comedy there's a lot of truth about friends, families and fitting in.  It's also good to know that an author is thinking beyond the immediate project, and Jo has lots of great ideas for future books."

So join me people, raise your forks, tuck into that cake and let's enjoy Jo's success, after all that hard work and perseverance she really deserves it!

Lorraine Gregory has been writing fantasy adventure books aimed at middlegrade boys for the last three years. She's been a chef and a restaurant manager and now works from home as an Antenatal Teacher. She belongs to the Words & Pictures Team and helps Tania to bring joy to our Saturday Celebrations' posts. 


  1. Yay! Woohoo! Congratulations, Jo. I am hugely delighted for you! x

  2. I'm so happy for you, Jo!
    We can all learn from the secrets of your success but there's one you've missed and that's TALENT!
    Very well done on making it happen:))

  3. Congratulations Jo, so excited for you!

  4. Wonderful news, Jo. Danny sounds great. I hope a UK publisher picks him up too so I can find out what happens!

  5. Well done Jo! Fab news and looking forward to seeing cover of Hilfe! Ich bin ein... what's an Alien in German?

  6. Thanks everyone. I thought I had posted a big thank you earlier but it seems to have disappeared. Maybe it's gone back to Kepler 22b with my character?


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