Happy Birthday Words & Pictures!

Click through for the big version!

Words & Pictures is one whole year old today, and to celebrate, Nick has taken a break from his usual duties to create this amazing montage of everyone who has contributed to the site so far.

Thank you Nick!

And here is a special mention for those people we couldn't squeeze into the montage but have been generous enough to share their good news with us in our Saturday Celebrations

Abbie Todd
Alice Hemmings
Andy Shepherd
Anne Marie Conway
Book Bound Retreat
Carmel Waldron 
Catherine Cooper
Clare Furniss
Christina Banach
Helen Dineen
Jackie Buckle
Jackie Marchant
Jo Franklin
Kate Scott
Lara Williamson
Lydia Syson
Marie-Claire Imam-Gutierrez
Mark Jones
Marnie Riches
Martin Stewart
Maxine Lee
Mo O 'Hara
Nick Cook
Paula Rawsthorne
Paula Harrison
Ruth Eastham
Ruth Fitzgerald
Sam Hepburn
Steve Hartley
Teri Terry
Veronica Cosantelli 

An enormous THANK YOU to everyone - we couldn't have got here without you.

Here's to year two!


  1. Happy Birthday! And many thanks for all the help and inspiration you've given me:)

  2. •*´¯`*•.¸ .. ¥ .. ¸.•*´¯`*•*

    Many happy returns! *throws confetti*

    1. Thank you Elizabeth and I LOVE the confetti!

  3. Happy Birthday Words & Pictures and congratulations to the team! Hope you helped yourself to a very large slice of cake! x

  4. Happy birthday and so many more to come, thanks for being GREAT :-)

  5. I love SCBWI-BI and I love its daemon Words & Pictures. Thanks for letting me play my role.

    1. What a marvellous picture Philippa! Thank you!

  6. Happy Birthday! What an amazing achievement :) Onyl anotehr 9 years and we can celebrate a decade of fabnulous news, views, celebratiosn and inspirations! Well done everyone, especially Jan our tireless editor!

    1. Thank you Kathy! Only another 9 years woo…!

  7. Sometimes I think we all use too many of these ---> !!! but honestly this occasion deserves many many exclamation marks. This publication is a fab ambassador for the amazing organisation that is SCBWI. If you're writing or illustrating picture books, you need Words & Pictures and SCBWI in equal measure! *throws even more confetti*

    1. I love exclamation marks! (But know i shouldn't.)
      Thank you so much Sheila - you're lovely!

  8. Happy Birthday Guys!! Thanks for having me (twice!) :)

    1. You are so welcome,Tatum and it's a joy!

  9. Overuse of exclamation marks forgiven for this celebration. Happy Birthday, Words & Pictures!

  10. This is wonderful - a proofreader's and all round wordsmith's approval of the super friendly exclamation mark!
    Thank you Catriona:)

  11. Happy Birthday to all the Words and Pictures team. You do a fantastic job!


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