Illustration Masterclass with Paul Stickland

Paul Stickland

Ready, Steady, Go!

Find out how to design workshops and events for children and top tips on self-promotion with Paul Stickland. 

Are you published, or, oh so very close to your big idea being taken up by a publisher and want to understand more about the fine art of self-promotion? Do you want to get into doing school visits, or ramp up your game on the school and library visits you are doing now? 

Paul busy at work helping students make their own dinosaur masks!

Would you like to find out how to design an installation based on your books and have it featured as an event and exhibition in places like Seven Stories, National Centre for Children’s Books, or the Discover Children’s Story Centre

Initial drawing for dinosaur-size installation
at Seven Stories, June 2014
Finished installation at Seven Stories, June 2014

Then, this Illustration Masterclass is for you! Author illustrator, Paul Stickland, has designed, written and illustrated many children’s picture and pop up books. For over 20 years, he has been creating and delivering events and workshops for children based on these books. You could say, he knows a fair bit about self-promotion and how to design fun, engaging workshops for children of all ages. We all know that whether it’s your first book contract, or you have several books published, it isn’t the end of the story for those books. Publishers are unable to market your book to the level it really needs to be to be kept in the eye of those readers we want to stay in front of. It’s even considered a plus by publishers if you already have a potential book buying audience following your work. With that in mind, it is never too early to consider how well you are engaging with your audience. 

Paul Stickland - Dinosaur Mask
Paul has a prolific and strong presence in several forms of social media. You only have to go out to his website to see a great example of an online portfolio that includes various income streams for his artwork, workshops and school visits information, and activities for teachers and children. (more here) 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn Paul’s top tips and tricks on how to create fun events and workshops that can be extensions of your books or other topics of interest to children, schools and libraries as well as how to promote your work effectively across several possible income streams. Paul will also answer any of your burning questions on how to get started or what you can do one step at a time to boost your author illustrator brand. 

The rest is up to you! There are still places available for Paul’s thought provoking and information rich, not to mention inspiring, masterclass. Go to to sign up today! 

Anne-Marie Perks
Anne-Marie Perks is a published illustrator author and art educator who has served as Regional Illustrator Coordinator for the British Isles Region since 2001. The second of her wordless book series with Books Beyond Words, Finding a Safe Place From Abuse, is now available. Keep up to date with current news at and tweet @annmarieperks.


  1. This looks like a really exciting event!

  2. I'm not an illustrator - but I'm quite interested. :)


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