Agent Confidential: Davinia Andrew-Lynch

Name: Davinia Andrew-Lynch

AKA: The Nocturnal Reader

Agency: Andlyn

Genres represented: I represent children’s and teen fiction and content. So in essence I look at Picture Books to YA, and am open to all genres within these markets.

Authors you represent and titles of books: Kim Lakin-Smith, Shana Nieberg-Suschitzky, Mike Hanson, Claire Goble, Peter Manlow, Hannah Asen and Sam Enthoven

Recent deals:

It's early days for the agency, so am in the beginning stages of first submissions. For now I say, stay tuned...

Wish list: At the moment, definitely YA. In terms of genre I’m actually relatively open here, just no Paranormal Romance and Dystopia please.

I would love to read a brilliantly frightening Middle-Grade horror; but even though I like a good scare, also remember I do need to sleep at nothing too warped!

With Picture Books, it’s important to note that I am only really looking for author/illustrators so if you either solely illustrate or solely write picture-book texts, it is unlikely that I am the right agent for you.

Across the board, I really want to see more diversity, whether in relation to gender, race, ethnicity, class and/or sexuality. Furthermore, these character traits shouldn’t necessarily be the driving factor of the narrative. It would be great to see these types of characters in unexpected roles and breaking away from their storybook stereotypes.

Your favourite books: They vary quite randomly but to name a few, Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? (Martin Waddell and Barbara Firth), The Bartimaeus Trilogy (Jonathan Stroud), The Throne of Glass series (Sara J. Maas) and, a very new addition, Stonebird (Mike Revell).

Agent style: I like to stay regularly in touch with my clients – it’s always good to keep talking and establish a completely open dialogue. Also honesty is absolutely key in any kind of working relationship. This goes both ways too!

I think working with clients editorially is important. It’s a brilliant way of getting to know an author’s character but also truly getting to the heart of their novel and understanding exactly what it is the author wants to say with their story. Making sure you are completely on the same wavelength, in these early stages, is incredibly helpful for eventually trying to sell the book and ultimately championing your client.

How to submit to you: Please send the first three chapters, alongside your (one-page) synopsis and cover letter.

If you are sending a picture book – please send a low resolution PDF dummy, alongside a separate text file of the story.

Submission tips: Always direct your submission to a specific person – it shows you’ve done some research. So for Andlyn send them to me, I’ll be the one reading them.

Keep your letter short and snappy: a logline (a two-line summation of your novel, including genre and target market), word count, and brief paragraph about yourself. Of course, add personality, but don’t tell me your whole life story!

Try to include only information that is absolutely relevant – for instance if you’ve been previously published, or self-published with industry success, put it in your letter.

Make sure you’ve finished the entire manuscript before submitting anything. There really is nothing more frustrating than when you’ve read the opening chapters and liked them, only to discover the writer hasn’t finished the book.

Other than that, I very much look forward to hearing from you!

Twitter: @andlynlit (agency account) / @nocturnalreader (personal account)

Any upcoming events you have: 
I’ll be at the SCBWI Agency party [Friday 18th September, Foyle's, London] and the Get Writing Conference [Saturday 26 September, West Herts College, Watford]. 

Davinia set up Andlyn at the beginning of 2015.  She specialises in children's and YA fiction and content, and her goal is to find writers and illustrators whose material works both on the page and beyond.

Previously, she was an associate film/television agent, whilst simultaneously working as a freelance editor and reader for a number of established publishers (including Atom, OUP and Egmont), agents, consultancies and scouts.
Davinia formed the agency to combine, from her previous roles,  the elements she loved most: collaborating with, and championing new creative talent.  Submissions are absolutely welcome!

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  1. Many thanks, Davinia - all the very best success with your new agency :-)


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