Advent is here!

1st December ~ Jackie East

#W8PAdvent ~ Jackie East

Please take a peek at the whole image, and the growing Advent Calendar here
Jackie's image was voted the most popular by our judges, and so is given pride of place on the 1st of December, to be seen throughout the whole Advent

December isn't all about illustration - writers we want you to join in too. Can you comment on on our advent images with a tweetable micro story? @Words8Pictures and @SCBW!-BI will tweet those that fit into 140 characters with your twitter handle and #W8PAdvent.

Do you have a Tweetable micro story for
Jackie's illustration?

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A very Big Thank you to 
Paul Morton for organising the Advent, and to our illustrator team for choosing the images.

Paul, John, Anne-Marie, Bridget
& Mike Brownlow
Paul has liaised with all the contributing illustrators - please use the link on each post to see their other work - and devised the calendar supported by John, Anne-Marie and Bridget. Thank you all so much - an excellent team! 


  1. Rabbits making snowmen,
    Piling on the snow.
    Time to add the carrots:
    Where did the third one go?

    #W8PAdvent @AlistairLane

  2. "You at the back!" came an icy growl. "Don't even think about nibbling my ear!" Had the snow-rabbit just spoken? #W8PAdvent @annadviolet

  3. Carrots for ears
    Coal-lumps for nose
    But, rabbit asks,
    Do snow-bunnies have toes?
    #W8PAdvent @nancyesaunders

  4. 'This is your final warning,' said Sid, 'paws off the carrot mohican.'
    And so began the War of the Snowpunks #W8PAdvent @riewriting

  5. Their teeth grew long in winter, their stomachs empty. Turning on the stranger they reduced him to slush and buttons #W8PAdvent @TYGERTALE

  6. With lumps of coal and carrots, two, we've made a snowy friend for you. #W8PAdvent @maureenlynas

  7. Excellent responses folks, keep em coming please. There are some strange and interesting advent images about to appear.

  8. "Mum didn't see you pinch the carrots, did she?"

    "No, she went out to the shed get some coal..."

    "Oops..." #W8PAdvent @jancarr


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