Small Big Celebrations from the Indie's Harrison Davies and B B Taylor

When searching for that magical publishing deal or agent, you can forget about the successes the Indie authors are making. Today, Harrison Davies explains how he went from Indie to publisher. And B B Taylor explains how she got Waterstones to stock her self published book on their website and in their Birmingham store.

Harrison Davies writes:

I began writing at the age of twelve, and actually completed a 44,000 word novel entitled S.E.A.R.Ch, which I didn’t publish until 2014 after an extensive rewrite and modernisation of the language. It has since been released as an audiobook too.

Like everyone I have my struggles, though mine consist of Bipolar Disorder, Fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety. These things are horrid, yes. But I want to spread the word that despite issues such as these, if you really try you can create something beautiful. Writing may never take away your symptoms, but if, like me, you use your sadness to fuel  your writing or write as a distraction, you may just end up with a masterpiece. You can do it.

After a fruitless search for an agent or publisher, I decided to self publish. In 2012 I published Destiny of The Wulf and Underworld and the reaction and response was overwhelmingly positive. This encouraged me to keep looking for a publisher and in January 2016, I received that wonderful response that Wild Wolf Publishing wanted to,represent me.

I'm currently writing my fourth book, The New World and am at 100,000 words as of this date. I anticipate a 2016 release.

Aside from writing, I'm a keen former professional wedding photographer. I just do it for fun now, and I enjoy using my weekends to make short films with good friends. It keeps me busy and helps to control,my symptoms.

Things are looking up and I'm positive for the future. However, I am still hunting that elusive agent. 

B B Taylor writes:

I am a self published author based in Birmingham, I have seven books out, but I've found it really difficult getting my books into bookshops, especially the larger ones. So I am delighted that I managed to get Waterstones to stock my books on their website and in their store. 

I was doing a story time event at a museum with a lady who used to work at Waterstones.  She kindly recommended me to Waterstones Shop in Birmingham. They contacted me  with a request to  take part in their Harry Potter night, I didn't believe that helping out at such an event could lead them to champion me, especially as an Indie author. But they did.

I brought along a range of the animals from my stories for their event and they ordered my books to be kept in store as permanent stock. It may only be one store but it really made me feel like I'd accomplished something huge

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