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Two Exciting New YA Titles for Reluctant Readers 
 I'm pleased to announce the publication of two new exciting YA reads for reluctant readers. Tim Collins' exciting titles Paradise and Delete are sure to excite.

Whose mind is it anyway?

Malana lives on a planet called Paradise with sandy beaches and beautiful sunshine. But she hates it.

She doesn’t want to spend her life slaving for tourists. She wants to move to the planet of New Prospect and choose her own future.

A man from a big company offers her the chance. But there’s a catch. And when Malana finds out what it is, she knows she has to run away.

Tim Collins has written another captivating novel for young adults. Paradise completely beguiles the reader and transports them into Malana’s world where the reader is left desperately trying to turn the page to see what happens next!

Was he my boyfriend?

Award winning writer Tim Collins has written an intriguing story for our first ever series of YA Reads. With a reading age of 8-9, Delete, tells us a story about Ryan, a gay teenager who hasn’t told anyone outside his family that he is gay. But if no one else knows then why is someone named Adam claiming to be his ex-boyfriend? Why does he have a selfie of the two of them together that was taken in HIS bedroom?

Delete, follows Ryan in his quest to discover who Adam is, and why he can’t remember him.

With the look and feel of a real book coupled with bite-sized chunks of text printed on off-white paper, Delete is accessible to struggling readers aged 14-18.

All the titles in our new YA Reads have mature themes and feature between 5,000 to 6,000 words which equates to approximately 50 pages.

Delete is one of eight fantastic titles under our new YA Reads series, created by our talented authors, to engage and include young adults, the series features diverse plots which will appeal to a range of readers. All the titles in our YA Reads focus on more mature themes following on from our successful Teen Reads series, including sexuality/identity, dystopia, mortality/illness, peer pressure, and friendship and relationship issues. All stories within this series are set in familiar places such as a school or college, engaging readers and helping to relate to each.


Charlotte Comley

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