Open Sketchbooks (Part 1)

The sun is out and it's time for another look through the pages of SCBWI member sketchbooks. John Shelley shares some of the recent sketches of SCBWI illustrators.

Since our last Open Sketchbooks coverage (see here and here) illustrator members have been hard at work on new project ideas, or out and about sketching from life. These are just a few examples sent in - more will be shared over the next few months.

Lara Aleda

"Two images from my recent sketchbooks."
Character studies for latest picture book.
© Lara Aleda
Visual research for my new picture book The Bird. Drawn from observation.
© Lara Aleda

Lana Lê

"These are from a story I'm working on loosely titled What Kitty Brought, about a cat who 'introduces' a lonely boy to some neighbourhood 'friends'."

Trying to sketch a lonely, bored boy
©Lana Lê
©Lana Lê

Sketch of a scene where Kitty encounters the boy
©Lana Lê

Anna Violet

"Here are a couple of photos of my current sketchbook. Initial elephant sketches."

©Anna Violet
©Anna Violet

Bee Willey

"Drawings of chickens in their yard near the hutch."

@Bee Willey
@Bee Willey


Cathy Van Hoppe

"My latest philosophical leaning and potential future work ethic - worth a try hey?"

© Cathy Van Hoppe

Eric Heyman

"I’m submitting two sketches,  the first one is called War Crow,  the second is called London Cabbie, both are character studies."

© Eric Heyman
© Eric Heyman

Imogen Foxell

"I sketch every day in a little black book. Here’s one very ordinary scene - dirty cups lying around in my kitchen in the aftermath of a visit by some friends (dip pen and watercolour). And one sadly more extraordinary event – the Oxford protest against Trump’s Muslim ban (fine liner and watercolour, and a bit of rain spattering)."

© Imogen Foxell

© Imogen Foxell

Many thanks to the illustrators who've sent in work, we'll be posting more sketchbook pages over the next few months. Open Sketchbooks is an ongoing selection, so if you're an SCBWI BI illustrator member and haven't shared anything recently please get in touch! Sketchbook pages covering everything from drawings from life, to working drawings for book projects, character development or imaginative experiments... we want to see what you're up to! (no digital work or finished portfolio art though please - this is all about the physical pages of your paper sketchbook)

Please send one or two submissions (jpg format please) to the illustration features editor John Shelley, don't forget to include any captions and your contact details!

*Feature Image: © John Shelley

John Shelley is the illustrations features editor for Words & Pictures.
Twitter: @Godfox

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