OPEN SKETCHBOOKS Summer 2017 Part 3

Here's a third peek within the pages of SCBWI member illustrator recent sketchbooks. This month we've bunnies, bears, elephants, penguins and dinosaurs, plus some beautiful sketches from the environment around. 

Catherine Lindow

I've been doing a bit more sketchbook location drawing recently © Catherine Lindow

Katherine Lynas


A couple of rabbity sketchbook pages. © Katherine Lynas

Louise Gardner

I’m terrible at keeping "real” sketchbooks, all my sketches seem to end up on A4 paper and the poor sketchbooks still sit on the shelves! but here are 2 rough sketches/doodles

© Louise Gardner

Ruth Grearson

Pencil studies of gentoo penguins for a picture book idea. © Ruth Grearson
Early character development sketch of Quentin the penguin. © Ruth Grearson

Sara Netherway

This character was inspired by a story about a teddy which was written by Zoe Tucker. I recently took a course run by her and Lilla Rogers where Zoe had written children’s text for the course work. © Sarah Netherway
The sailor is inspired by a local pub where I live on the Isle of Wight which is filled with quirky antique nautical bits and pieces, inducing Victorian portraits and boats in boxes. © Sarah Netherway

Shana Nieberg-Sushitzky

Here are some sketches I did at the British Museum, with the help of the new love of my life, my "Palomino Blackwing" - Big Thanks to my Obi-Wan, Anne-Marie for introducing me, what a beautiful line! © Shana Nieberg-Suschitzky
Mostly done at the British Museum, apart from the flowers that I had drawn at home. It was an interesting exercise as I was drawing the fish from a very static Roman mosaic, but as I drew they seemed to come alive, weaving in and out of my flowers...Very curious indeed! © Shana Nieberg-Suschitzky

Trish Phillips

Strenuous early morning commuting into London © Trish Phillips
Bologna dining © Trish Phillips


Vanya Nasanlieva

Character sketches from the book The Bear Who Couldn't Sleep, written by Caroline Nastro and illustrated by me,  published  by NorthSouth Books © Vanya Nasanlieva
Sketches of the bear from the book- The Island and the Bear written by Louise Greig and illustrated by me, published by Floris Books
© Vanya Nasanlieva

There's still time to submit your work for next month's selection of sketches, which will be the final installment for the summer! Please send up to two jpegs of recent sketchbook work with your contact details and any captions, to illustration features editor John Shelley

Header image: @ Getty Images


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