REPORT Cambridge Scrawlcrawl to the Fitzwilliam Museum

Cambridge based illustrator Alina Surnaite reports on the recent SCBWI Scrawlcrawl at the Fitzwilliam Museum.

The second SCBWI Scrawlcrawl in Cambridge took place at the Fitzwilliam Museum on the 18th of November. We had a nice group of illustrators including my sister Margarita Surnaite, Natalie Eldred, Clare Yerbury, Sasha DeWitt and her daughter, printmaker Clare Trowell, as well as writers Marjorie Mallon and Caroline Laidlaw.

We gathered in the busy museum cafe to introduce ourselves over tea and cake. Then we spent a few hours looking around the galleries and sketching the exhibits. The Fitzwilliam Museum has great collections ranging from Egyptian artefacts to modern art. We also enjoyed visiting the insightful and extensive exhibition Degas: A Passion for Perfection, which runs until the 14th of January, 2018.

The lovely Scrawl Crawl group during the critique session at the museum cafe
Local writer Marjorie Mallon drew a study of the painting by Picasso

I sketched at the Degas's exhibition to capture the artist's work and the museum visitors observing it

Our critique session went by quickly as we discussed our drawing tools and techniques. We left the museum feeling inspired, both by the exhibitions and the lovely people we got to know at this event.

Thank you to everyone who came to the second Scrawl Crawl in Cambridge!


Alina Surnaite is a children's book writer and illustrator, publishing her debut picture book I Love You, Bunny with Frances Lincoln Children's Books in February 2018. She has been a SCBWI member since finishing her MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art in 2015 and recently started organising events for illustrators in Cambridge. Twitter: @AlinaSurnaite

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