The Conference is over… Long live the Conference. Words & Pictures co-editor Claire Watts shares some of your comments.

Ah! The Conference… Those of us lucky enough to attend arrive home, heads buzzing with ideas and full of love for our fellow SCBWI members. So long to wait until next year… So here are a few of your #bestbits to keep it fresh in your minds and inspire those who are thinking about coming next year!


From Twitter


Highlights: @KathrynEvansInk's Crystal Kite speech; @candygourlay's warm & witty conversation with @jeccleshare; @nick_w_cross's *six* identities (remember our deal, Nick...), meeting @joannanadin, hanging out with @AliceHemming1, @Mo_OHara, @saramoohead @towlesarah & others.

to which @KathrynEvansInk replied:

And @KateScottWriter ‘s fact filled workshop- amazing!!!!


One of the best and proudest moments of my life - dream come true to be part of the Mass book Launch and celebrate being a #scwbiauthor #mbl #scwbicon17 #scwbichat @SCBWI_BI @Words8Pictures


Hanging out with friends old and new and being able to talk about picture books ALL WEEKEND without being embarrassed.

From Facebook

I just arrived home after a wonderful weekend. A big big thank you to all the volunteers for a fabulous event. Special thanks to Anne-Marie, Bridget and Paul for the guidance. A big thank you to everyone for accepting me in your midst. I am over the moon that I decided to come over. You will certainly hear more of me in the future
Christof Simons

How wonderful it is to be part of SCBWI! Susan and Becky, you did a fantastic job. And of course, thanks to the entire SCBWI conference team!
Addy Farmer

What an absolutely magical conference, loved the keynote speakers and all the events I selected. Sue Wallman, you are a superstar! Thank you for sharing your journey to publication with us. Not forgetting meeting up with all my SCBWI friends for an annual hug! Thank you to the powers that be for bringing all the amazing industry professionals together to share their knowledge and help us on the path to our creative goals. Can't wait for next year!
Sarah Broadley

I travelled to Winchester alone and not knowing how the weekend will be. I came back with many friends worth to keep, and lots of new learnings and ideas. THANK you to all the organizers, volunteers and speakers that made it possible. It was S-O M-U-C-H F-U-N!!!
Maria J Cuesta


Camilla Chester

Lorraine Cooke

Justin Davies


BeeBee Taylor

Candy Gourlay


  1. One of the highlights of my writing year!

  2. I love the conference, my favourite weekend of the year!

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