This month, author Kate Wiseman shares her stationery passions with Anita Loughrey.

SCBWI member, Kate Wiseman’s Gangster School series is published in Germany by Piper Verlag. The first one came out in October 2017 and went into reprint after six weeks. The second one was released in March 2018.

In an interview with Anita Loughrey, Kate revealed her favourite pen is a Montegrappa fountain pen, which she won in the Montegrappa Scholastic Prize for New Children’s Writing, in 2014. She particularly loves the weight of it and it writes beautifully. It came in a posh box and it’s engraved with her name. She uses it for her book signings.

photos by Kate Wiseman

Kate prefers exercise book-sized notebooks with bright colours. Some of her favourites are the one from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam with his sunflowers on the cover and a lovely hardback one featuring Klimt’s The Kiss, which she picked up in a charity shop. 

In her writing process she uses a lot of Post-it notes to remind herself of details from her previous Gangster School books. She also uses lots of drawing pins to stick things on her notice board – notes, postcards, certificates and tickets for future events. She found a birthday card that featured a dog who looks exactly like Gruffles, Charlie’s dog in her Gangster School books, so that has pride of place.

For everyday writing, she uses black gel pens with a good ink flow and a medium nib as she doesn’t like it when her writing comes out all spindly. She says when you find a good writing pen it’s a buzz.

This article is abridged from an original interview on the Papers Pens Poets blog. You can find out more about Kate and her stationery there.

Papers Pens Poets is a blog where writers can share their passion for all things stationery. It is the brain child of SCBWI member Jo Franklin and co-run by her and SCBWI’s membership coordinator, Anita Loughrey. The blog contains reviews, articles, and weekly interviews with a wide range of authors, covering books of all age ranges and genres.

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