CELEBRATIONS February 2019

Love is in the air and cupids arrows are sending bursts of inspiration out into the world.
B B Taylor begins the month of February by sharing the love with some of our latest achievements from the SCBWI celebration news. 

New Releases 

Richard Barr (Dicky) is squeaking with delight this month with his newly launched hardback version of You Can Do It Tom Mouse! is out in the world. Its wonderful illustrations are by Joanna Scott and it is published by Tom Mouse Publishing Limited.

It's not just love that's in the air, there's dragons too! As Andy Shepherd celebrates the latest in this epic series from Piccadilly Press. Illustrated by Sara Ogilvie The Boy who Flew with Dragons is flying off shelves everywhere now! 

New member Linda Beckett has cause for celebration this month as she celebrates the release of her first book What's Wrong Arty, an ideal story for the 3-8 age range. It has been designed not only for the readers but for parents, teachers, and therapists, too. The idea of the book is to encourage young children to talk about things that worry them.

Roger Stevens is putting the pieces together this month with his latest book I Am a Jigsaw published by Bloomsbury. I am a Jigsaw is a children's anthology of rhyming riddles and puzzling poems, and comes out on February 7th. Roger had great fun putting it together, and contains some excellent poems by SCBWI members.

Illustrator Emma Latham shows us The Sky is no Limit - for Paul the penguin, a small Adelie penguin who dreams BIG! Dissatisfied with the monotony of the everyday life of Antarctica, he sets his sights to the sky. Emma had the great pleasure to announce her book 'Winging It' was released as a fundraiser on behalf of charity - Simpsons Special Care Babies. A wonderful charity one who look after sick premature babies. The book was written by Rod Kelly, designed by David Springford and illustrated by Emma Latham.

Coming Soon

Caryn Jenner will be storming our shelves and sparking our imagination later this years as she will be writing a non-fiction series called Imagine You Were There, illustrated by Marc Pattenden. The first two books, Winning the Vote for Women and Walking on the Moon, will be published by Kingfisher in June 2019, followed by two more titles later in the year.

Marie Basting, our ARA Networks, is celebrating the fact she can finally tell the world about her two-book deal with Chicken House. Princess BMX, a fun and fantastical adventure about a BMXing princess who must embrace her unconventionality in order to save her kingdom, will be published in August.

Here's Marie on a BMX - she says she looks very uncomfortable.
(we think she looks super cool!)


The year has already been kicked off in style with SCBWI members being nominated for awards and shiny accolades. Here are just some of our proud members and their award nominations.

First we look at the Branford Boase award, which is awarded annually to an outstanding first-time writer of a book for young people, recognising both the author and their editor for their work. This year several SCBWI members have been long listed including: 

- Vanessa Harbour and her editor Janet Thomas of Firefly Press for Flight
- Sophie Anderson and her editors Rebecca Hill and Becky Walker of Usborne for House with Chicken legs 
- P. G Bell and his editors Rebecca Hill and Becky Walker of Usborne for The Train to Impossible Places
- Rowena House and her editor Mara Bergman of Walker books for The Goose Road 
- Matt Killeen with his editors Sarah Stewart and Kendra Levin of Usborne for Orphan Monster Spy 

Next we have the coveted Waterstones Children's book prize 2019 which again some of our extremely talented members have been listed in including:

- Andy Shepherd, The boy who grew Dragons, published by Piccadilly Press and illustrated by Sara Ogilive 
Sophie Anderson, House with Chicken legs published by Usborne and illustrated by Elisa Paganelli 
P. G Bell The Train to Impossible Places published by Usborne and illustrated by Flavia Sorrentino
- Tracy Darnton, The Truth about Lies published by Stripes publishing. 



Following her phenomenal bravery of entering the hook at the 2018 SCBWI conference Sarah Broadley is now seeing stars as she celebrates being signed by Alice Sutherland-Hawes from the Madeleine Milburn Literary TV and film Agency. We can't wait to see what they achieve together, it's going to be out of this world!


New Members 

We love welcoming new members into SCBWI and watching them grow and succeed in chasing their goals. If you're a new member, let us know so we can welcome you too. SCBWI has so much to offer its members - celebrating their successes is just part of the fun! And if you're too shy, or not quite ready yet to give us a wave, remember we are always here to support you through your adventures!

Good News

We are excited to share the good news that Shelia Averbuch has been awarded one of the much sought after £2000 New Writers Award grants from the Scottish Book Trust, supported by Creative Scotland. This is the fifth time she has a applied so she was over the moon when she found out and is thrilled at the prospect of enjoying the year ahead!

Our SCBWI authors have been out flying the flag high for SCBWI and libraries everywhere as they put on this amazing event in Cambridge on the 9th, supporting libraries and sharing their stories with eager readers across Cambridge!

*All images courtesy of authors mentioned above. 

Have you got good new to share? New book? New agent? Award nominee or winner? Are you a new member? Say hi and let us know. Why not send an email over with your good news, a picture and any links so we can celebrate too :)


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  1. Thank goodness for the Celebrations column as I had missed so much of this good news. Congratulations all!


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