In search of inspiration, Caroline Deacon invites writers and illustrators to tell us about their creative space. This month features BB Taylor, author of The Vigilante ToothFairy, illustrated by James Shaw

BB is a professional daydreamer and superhero in training. She loves nothing more than hunting out a new story or looking for her next great adventure.


Tell us about your creative space. 

I never used to have a space until last year when we moved. We built a staircase and now I have a little den in the loft with a night sky on the ceiling.


Why does this place work for you? 

I love to write on my laptop at night. Nothing better than writing in the dead of night with silence and darkness, I find it so powerful for helping me to slip into a story.


Do you need particular prompts to get started? 

I like to daydream, and need silence and stillness to write. But I love music when I'm editing and find it really relaxing playing the ukulele to get in the mood to write (I'm not very good at ukulele).


Your creative tools - what are they? 

I love working on my laptop, I find Scrivener fab for my first drafts, but love my iPad and pencil for editing because I can scribble all over it without wasting paper. But nothing beats my whiteboard for whacking out ideas and dealing with plot or character issues.


Do you have a routine? 

I try to write every day in the evening, but I am a binge writer if I'm honest and once I get a buzz about a new story everything goes out the window including lunch and toilet breaks.


What is the best creative advice you’ve been given? 

Be you, write the stories you want to tell. Don't stress over trying to be everyone else when there's only one you.

And what advice would you like to give to writers who are trying to get established? 

Don't give up and remember rejection is subjective. One door closing means there's plenty more to go knock on!

Favourite book as a child? 

Terry Pratchett Mort and Cliff McNish DoomSpell Trilogy

What is your favourite ‘how to’ book about writing? 

I don't actually have one, I've enjoyed learning from other writers at workshops and events though.

Does exercise help the creative process?

Yes I love to walk, explore and let my mind wander. I usually come back buzzing, ready to write ... or nap.

What about food and drink - what must you have at hand in order to be able to create? 

 Boiled sweets, I'm really naughty and chew them though.


What image are you dying to use, but haven’t yet found room for? 

Ducks, I want to write about ducks.


Planner or Pantser? 

I am a complete panster and cannot plot no matter how hard I try.

What inspired you to first start writing? 

Completely by accident, always loved to daydream about adventures.

And why children? 

Because I refuse to be an adult, that's just boring.

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All photos courtesy of BB Taylor.


Caroline Deacon lives in Edinburgh and is the author of several childcare books. She now writes MG and YA and is agented by Lindsay Fraser of Fraser Ross Associates, Edinburgh. Find her on Twitter and at

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