Summer is fast creeping in, and we can't help but smile as the sun starts to treat us to its warmth. Here's something else to be happy about ... May Celebrations! 

New Releases 

Emily Kenny is excited to share with us her debut, The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks, which is out in the UK this May with Rock The Boat (OneWorld), to be followed by a US release, and a sequel in 2023. Cover art by Flavia Sorrentino.

Cover of The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks

Tracy Darnton's latest young adult thriller, Ready or Not, was out on May 12th with Little Tiger Press. It's about a girl who goes missing during a late-night game of hide-and-seek. A tense coming of age story about privilege, obsession and friendship.

Cover of Ready or Not.

Rebecca Colby is celebrating the publication release day of the early readers, Robot Rocket and You are It!, illustrated by Gareth Robinson, on 28 May with Maverick. In this early reader, the robots, Tin and Bucket, get in a rocket and visit lots of planets, as well as play tag.

Cover art for Robot Rocket and You are it.

Leisa Stewart-Sharpe is excited to announce her first picture book is out this month Wild Life, The Extraordinary Adventures of Sir David Attenborough. It's a non-fiction celebration of his amazing life so far, for budding naturalists. Out 5th May. Wren & Rook. Illustrated by Helen Shoesmith.

Cover art for Wild Life

How Not To Get Eaten, written by Josette Reeves was published by DK on 5th May. This non-fiction book takes a fun look at the ingenious, bizarre and often slightly yucky ways, animals and plants avoid being eaten. It's packed with beautiful illustrations by Asia Orlando and amazing photographs.

Cover for How Not to Get Eaten 

Coming Soon 

Leisa Stewart-Sharpe also got to reveal the cover of her first fiction picture book which is
coming in August - The Beastly Bunch with illustrator Pippa Curnick. It's about a flamingo called Flo who is having a pool party and wants it to be perfect. That means she's definitely not inviting her neighbours, the beastly bunch. They're far too smelly, dirty, spitty and bitey. Luckily Flo learns that being a good friend means looking past the fur, feathers or scales, because it's who we are INSIDE that really matters. A story about inclusivity and kindness. Puffin.

Cover of Beastly Bunch

Amy B Moreno is celebrating her first picture book, A Billion Balloons of Questions, which is due to be published on 16th June, with the launch confirmed for 29th June, at 7pm in the Portobello Book Shop.

The book is about a bilingual girl called Eva who has lot and lots of questions, illustrated in beautiful balloons by Carlos Vélez.  Some of the questions are funny, some of them are big, but they all feel important in their own way. Eva finds ways to answer some of her questions, but her curious nature means that there are always more balloon questions to come.

Cover of A Billion Balloons of Questions.

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Maisie Chan has lots to celebrate this month as Danny Chung Does not Do Maths Illustrated by Anh Cao has won the Jhalak Prize for Children and Young People.

Cover of Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths

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Good News 

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*All images courtesy of authors mentioned above. 

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