As we plant our feet firmly in Spring, let's take a look at what our creative members have to celebrate this month. 

A belated congratulations to Rebecca Colby who had FIVE early readers books published with Maverick Arts on 28th January:

1. BIGFOOTS AT THE BEACH, illustrated by Tamas Mayer

2. HI SLUG! and HUG BUG, illustrated by Beatrice Tinarelli

3. MY PET and FULL BED, illustrated by Denis Alonso

4. GOM'S PET and CAT FUN, illustrated by Letizia Rizzo

5. WHAT A RACKET! and ZIP FUN, illustrated by Gareth Robinson

Congratulations to Zoe Arena whose picture book text - Mandy Is Still A Banana - coupled with Amy Evans' illustrations made it through to the dPICTUS Unpublished Picture Book Showcase in Bologna last week with 10 publisher votes. 

Dpictus Picture Book Showcase

Finally, congratulations to Emma Finlayson-Palmer.  Her chapter book for 5-8 year olds, Autumn Moonbeam:Dance Magic!, illustrated by Heidi Cannon, has been longlisted in the Children's Literature Festivals Book Awards 2023, alongside other SCBWI members.

Tune in next month for more upcoming news of book deals, new releases and exciting new opportunities!

Agents, Awards or Good News?

Have you got good news to share? A new book? An offer of agent representation? An award? Don't be shy! Why not send an email over to production@britishscbwi.org together with a picture and any links so we can celebrate with you.  

*Header image: Tita Berredo 

Tracy Curran is Production Editor for Words & Pictures and enjoys writing picture books, young fiction and lower middle grade novels. Instagram, Little Cornish Writer @WriterCornish Facebook Writer Cornish

She also enjoys reviewing children's books on her blog The Breadcrumb Forest.

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