Last year Tita Berredo was in Manchester at the SCBWI British Isles Annual Conference and covered the illustration side of the event in an insightful video. 

Let's take a look at what she had to say in this fabulous throwback! 

This conference was the top of the year to me! Not only did I get to meet very special friends whom I work with and admire – like a couple of fellow Words&Pictures editors  but also keep my focus on SCBWI illustrators, the very people we are proud to represent and feature through our magazine. 

On Friday's Fringe I was in charge of leading the Sketch Crawl at the Manchester Art Gallery. We all had a blast creating illustrations inspired by the items on display – sketching at first and then adding imaginative elements. We then illustrated striking phrases displayed in the Constellations Hall, a positive journey into finding power! 

The Conference was held at the Metropolitan University and the first thing you saw once inside was the Sketchbook Exhibition! I was amazed by the huge panel filled with artwork by SCBWI illustrators  some featured in the Open Sketchbook Feature. 

On Saturday and Sunday we took a dive into the mind of illustrator keynote Jim Field. He shared sketches, character developments and even fun personal stories about collaborating with authors. On a picture book making session Jim spoke about different ways of creating composition inspired by classic movies. My favourite anecdote was about his initial ending to Oi Frog! which you can watch on the video. 

Before the end of the Conference we had a hands-on workshop with Paul Morton. We explored drawing with our non-dominant hand and developing characters based on characteristics such as their likes and dislikes. Paul shared the creative process of Bug Belly telling us about his initial idea and the important steps to create the physical book. I loved his frog cut-outs and fun little paper creations  great for giveaways and school visits! 

I certainly felt powerful during the whole Conference, feeling energised by my passion subject and wonderful peers. 

Take a look  I am sure you'll want to join us next time!

We do want to join you Tita

Keep your eyes peeled because in next month's Open Sketchbooks we will be giving you the opportunity to submit your sketch alongside the final piece to be featured on the illustrators wall at this year's annual conference. 

I'm super excited to see all of your wonderful illustrations!

*Header image by Ed Vere


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Tita Berredo is the Illustrator Coordinator of SCBWI British Isles and the Art Director of Words & Pictures. She has a Master's degree in Children's Literature and Illustration from Goldsmiths UOL and a background in marketing and publicity.   

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