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What better opportunity than the SCBWI-BI Conference 2023 to celebrate and applaud the hard work of our volunteers? Deputy Editor Francoise Price introduces the recent winners of the Outstanding Contribution Award.


Did you know that British Isles is the largest SCBWI region outside the United States – and growing? That’s thanks, in no small measure, to all our volunteers working in the many and varied SCBWI-BI ‘departments’. No surprise then how tangible the air of excitement was on the Sunday morning of conference, as Regional Adviser Natascha Biebow read out details of each OCA winner. In case you missed it, let’s give them all a huge round of applause.


Steering Committee Award

Philip Kavvadias


Photo of Philip Kavvadias

‘Philip started out volunteering as South East Networks Organiser, and soon also joined the conference committee, securing sponsorship for scholarships. His can-do attitude, good humour and great ideas made him the perfect candidate for ARA [Assistant Regional Advisor] Networks, where he’s made great in-roads in building community.’


Tita Berredo


Photo of Tita Berredo

‘Tita has been an incredible sunny multi-tasker and support to the regional team since taking on the IC [Illustration Coordinator] role. As the Art Director of Words & Pictures, she created a house style and brand identity in tune with the spirit of the magazine. She was quick to learn the tech and help build the new British Isles website. Her vision for the illustration programming is a much valued asset for the region.’


   Steering Committee and W & P Award

Gulfem Wormald


Photo of Gulfem Wormald

‘Gulfem is the central key of Words & Pictures, an exceptional editor who has a deep understanding of the magazine's vision and audience. Her dedication and passion result in a consistent and diverse magazine that reaches different niches of writers and illustrators as much as the wider audience. She is also a diplomatic leader, who fosters a positive and collaborative work environment and handles any issues or conflicts with tact and professionalism.’


W & P Award

Ell Rose: Illustration Editor


Photo of Ell Rose

‘Ell Rose has been an amazing support to the Words & Pictures editorial team and Art Director. With their header designs, their sense of style has taken the visual look of the magazine to an exciting new level.’

Networks Award

Lynwen Pirie and Tibo Torelli: Scotland


Photo of Lynwen Pirie
Photo of Tibo Torelli

‘Lynwen and Tibo joined in January and immediately showed incredible energy and passion as Network Organisers, alongside Caroline Deacon. This is a busy and very active network – they have big shoes to fill – but they are definitely continuing the incredible work of their predecessors, planning a road-show and other endeavours to build community and engage new members.’


Member Services Award

Emma Finlayson-Palmer


Photo of Emma Finlayson-Palmer

‘Emma is a credit to the British Isles’ social media team, investing time, creativity and positivity into our twitter account and our twitter events, which offer people an exclusive chance to chat to creatives and find out more about our industry.’


Conference Committee

Jo Dearden


Photo of Jo Dearden

‘Jo is new to the conference team, but was thrown in the deep-end and hit the ground running, getting the 1-1s together in a very short time. This is a challenging role that involves professionalism, organization and lots of enthusiasm and patience. Her can-do attitude is impressive!’


Conference Committee

Mike Brownlow
Photo of Mike Brownlow

‘Mike has been a long-serving volunteer, helping organize the Picture Book Retreat, Illustrator Exhibition and generously mentoring up and coming authors and illustrators. We are very grateful for his collaborative, pro-active approach to making illustration 1-1 Professional Reviews for illustrators the very best experience for members.’


Conference Committee Award 

Anna Cole: Conference Team
Photo of Anna Cole

‘As the conference party coordinator, Anna has been an imaginative, efficient and friendly problem-solver. She is in charge of commissioning the fantastic character cake! She has also re-envisoned the pitch as a blind-date style event!’


UV Award 

Imogen White & Laura Warminger


Photo of Laura Warminger
Photo of Imogen White

‘Imogen and Laura are the dynamic duo who have taken over SCBWI’s Undiscovered Voices project. They have assembled an unbelievable team of UV alumni to take the anthology to the next level. They have streamlined processes, making everything easier, from writers submitting, to the judges making the final selection. Their enthusiasm and professionalism make the planning enjoyable, and many new writers will benefit from their volunteering!’


All Star Award

Paul Morton


Photo of Paul Morton

'Paul is the main organiser of the Picture Book Retreat, one of SCBWI’s most sought-after events, eliciting rave reviews from attendees and speakers alike. In 2023, he teamed up with Tita Berredo and Gary Fabbri to film live updates from the Bologna Children's Book Fair for Words & Pictures. Paul has also been instrumental in promoting the work of SCBWI illustrators of all backgrounds through the Conference Exhibition. Always willing to collaborate with others, Paul is a source of motivation for his colleagues and peers. He has contributed immensely to SCBWI BI's success and growth.’

*Header image by Paul Morton
*All photos provided by each volunteer

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