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Please do use the comments box - we love comments!
 But if you'd like to email, you have an idea, some news or something to celebrate please choose the most appropriate editor from the list below.

The Editors, Claire Watts & Ellie Brough editor@britishscbwi.org

After checking the FAQs under 'Got an Idea?' please send:
    to John Shelley illustrators@britishscbwi.org
    Julie Sullivan mondayfeatureseditor@britishscbwi.org (Monday features)
    or Louisa Glancy
    writers@britishscbwi.org (Wednesday features)
    to Anne-Marie Perks illocoordinator@britishscbwi.org
    to AM Dassu events@britishscbwi.org
    to Charlotte Comley celebrations@britishscbwi.org
    to Elaine Cline competitions@britishscbwi.org

  • Got an idea?

    Q. I have an idea I would like to submit to Words & Pictures, what are you looking for?

    A. We are looking for feature articles about the process of writing and illustrating children's books. We are also looking for reports of SCBWI events, SCBWI network news, SCBWI celebrations and puzzle ideas.

    Q. At which readers should I target my submission?

    A. Anybody interested in books for children and young people - but especially SCBWI members, writers and illustrators of children's books, both published and unpublished.

    Q. What sort of features are you looking for?

    A. We are looking for features offering insight, inspiration, information, solidarity, shared journeys, opportunity - the stuff that rocks our readers worlds. We welcome compelling pieces in distinctive voices that can say something fresh to our audience. These can cover a gamut of topics - craft, submission technique, agents, the publishing process, self promotion, marketing (although pieces that offer self promotion and little else may not be accepted). 

    Q. What event reports are you looking for?

    A. Our events editor is looking for event reportage about SCBWI events only  If you have been to a non SCBWI event and have great write up with photos for which you have the relevant permissions please contact either our illustration or Writing Features Editors.

    Q. What news articles are you looking for?

    A. In these first few months, we are looking for network news articles from SCBWI members only. Please contact your network co-ordinator with your News item first. If you're unsure who that is, contact Maureen Lynas, SCBWI Networks Co-ordinator who will point you in the right direction.
    We are looking for an Industry News Editor if you are a SCBWI BI member who keeps up to date with the world of children's publishing and would like an opportunity to raise your profile with Words & Pictures please contact the editor@britishscbwi.org.

    Q. What are you looking for in your celebrations section?

    A. We welcome good news from SCBWI members in the British Isles only, please. Send short items, including brief bio, up to 100 words, written in third person, in a single black font with book titles in italics. If you have them, please also include your twitter name and a link to your site/blog. Our round-up list includes Published (by a traditional publisher), Deals, Winner, Shortlisted, Nominated. Please supply book titles, publication date, publisher or if self-published. Must be children's publications only.

    Q. What sort of word count are you looking for?
    A.Features, Events: 500-1000 words
        • Celebrations: 150 words
        • Network News: 200 words
        • Puzzles: send your idea
    Word counts are a guide. If your piece is 1500 words and every one sparkles, great! 

    Q. Should I send a query first?

    A. Yes, please send your idea to the relevant editor (emails at the top of the page), with an appropriate subject heading  (eg. "Feature proposal on how to get an agent") with:
       • A short bio: 100 words
       • Links to your site or social media
    If we can publish your piece we will also ask for a picture of yourself. 

    Q. Do you accept reviews of children's books?
    A. No, sorry, under worldwide SCBWI guidelines we can only welcome reviews of books on craft and the industry. No other types of book review please. 

    Q. Can you publicise our competition?
    A. We can't publicise competitions for which there is an entry fee.

    Q. I'm an illustrator, how do I apply for the showcase?
    A. Illustrators who wish to apply for the showcase please refer to the information on the Showcase site.

    Q. Do I have to pay to be the Featured Illustrator? 
    You do not pay to get a Featured Illustrator Slot. Monthly slots are offered to illustrator members who have won in various competitions that SCBWI has for their illustrators, like the Undiscovered Voices Anthology, best of portfolio at the conference, and the annual illustrator competition run at the conference, which by the way, you do not have to attend the conference to be submit.

    Q. How I apply for a Featured Illustrator slot?
    A. If you haven't been offered a slot via winning a competition, all you need to do is to email the SCBWI Illustrator Co-ordinator, illocoordinator@britishscbwi.org with your request and the URL of your portfolio page or website. If you do not have an online portfolio or web page, please send five samples of your work each at 72 ppi, no more than 1000 pixels on the longest side.

    Q. Do I have to belong to SCBWI for my submission to be considered?
    A. Ideally, yes and we would be delighted if you joined. However, if you are a really interesting person with a great idea or experience, we would love to hear from you and perhaps we can link you with one of our regular contributors for an interview. 

    Q. Do you pay for submissions?
    A. No. Words & Pictures is entirely created and  managed by volunteers. We can't offer you money but through SCBWI, we can offer you incredible opportunities to raise your profile and network with some of the most successful individuals and organisations working in children's books today. 

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    SCBWI Blog Network

    Q. Who can join the SCBWI Blog Network?
    A. Members of SCBWI British Isles who blog at least once a month about children's books, writing, or illustration.

    Q. What's the point of a Blog Network?

    A. The SCBWI Blog Network aims to bring all our bloggers together, building a strong community at the same time as helping our blogging members boost their audiences.

    Q. Does the Words & Pictures rule about book reviews apply to the SCBWI Blog Network?
    A. No. SCBWI Bloggers who review children's fiction may join the network.

    Q. How do I join?
    A. Please send:
    • your blog's title
    • its URL
    • description of your blog
    • A short bio of yourself: 100 words
    to Nick at blognetwork@britishscbwi.org.

    Q. Do I have to be published?
    A. No. Just have a great blog about the creation of books and apps for children and young people that isn't obscene, racist, disablist, libelous, contain personal attacks or otherwise break the law.

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