Yorkshire Sculpture Park sketch crawl

By Paul Morton

This was a sketch crawl of just one - me, tho I did see at least 4 others doing the same.
The weather was wonderful (Thursday 29th reached 28 degrees), I'd just sent off my last job, couldn't jump on the mountain bike due to an injury so thought right! I've not managed to join the Sheffield crawlers so i'll have my own right now.
The Jaume Plensa sculpture exhibition is breathtakingly superb. I heartily recommend it and I'm sure YSP will make a fantastic location for any future sketch crawl if the Sheffield contingent want to travel up the M1?? Please contact me if anyone wants to make a future date and i'll arrange the details.
My energy trailed off after a break for lunch, so in future I think I should stick at the drawing and reward myself with the break at the end.


  1. Love these sketches, Paul. It's an inspirational place. You're welcome to join our next scrawlcrawl in York if it's not too far. We might be going back to the railway museum.

  2. Really evocative drawings Paul! The surrealism of the 'tree huggers' have been given a soft, very humanistic feel.


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