Itsy-Bitsy Book Cover

By Lynne Chapman

Remember the issues we had with Waterstones not liking the yellow cover which I originally designed for Baby Goes Baaaaa!? Well, I thought we had sorted everything with the new duck-egg blue cover, but I suddenly remembered something...

On the inside, there is this illustration of Nana Croc reading to Baby Croc. Now, whenever possible, I include my own books in my illustrations. Cheeky, but why not?

I thought for Baby Goes Baaaaa! is would be sweet if, instead of one of my other books, Nana Croc was reading the actual book she was in! Clever eh? Except trouble is, that book no longer has a yellow cover... Uh-oh.

Remember the patch I made for Baby Croc's bare bum on the cover of Baby Can Bounce!? Yep, you guessed it: 

It was so very tiny, it was a bit of a nightmare to do, but quite cute, I think you'll agree. When it was finished, I scanned it in and pasted it over the professional scan of Nana Croc from repro. Then, in Photoshop, I tinkered with it until it fitted like a glove. What do you think?


  1. Thank gawd for PS eh Lynne! But even so it must have been a fiddly operation, you've done a grand job!

  2. Love this pic - and cover Lynne!
    I did the same thing including mini books of mine on a couch around "The little piggy stayed at home' in Bridget's Book of Nursery Rhymes.
    And guess what colour Waterstones insisted on changing my Mini Racer cover to...YES. Flat yellow! My my original cover which the US kept, was in road-like grey-blue. And the US edition is selling much better than the yellow UK one. Waterstones got it all wrong!


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