Network News: Some points to ponder

Gill James
I’m really interested in finding out the impact that belonging to a network has on SCBWI members and I’d really like to feature one or two network members who have benefitted from their membership.
You might like to look at the feature we published on George Kirk from the north-west.
By volunteering to be featured you may help your network grow and you will also boost your own platform.
If you’d like to be a featured member, contact me at Or, if you’d rather just answer one or two of these questions, that would be fine too.

Have you enjoyed some of your local network’s activities?
Perhaps you’ve joined a critique group.
Or maybe you’ve joined in a scrawl crawl.
Have you attended one of the social groups?
Do you feel your network offers anything unique?
What about where you meet?
What is special about that place?
Which is the network activity you’ve enjoyed the most?
Has your network run any special events?
How has belonging to a network helped your writing?
What else would you like your network to do?
What’s your funniest networking moment?
What would you say is the most important point about a local network?

And a few more questions. 

If I get enough responses to this survey I’ll be able to put together a really interesting article. It will only take a few minutes.

Take the survey

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