Ten-Minute Blog Break - 28th January

Oh, the agony of choice!

I had far too many good blog posts to choose from this week, so do excuse me if I missed you out - your time will come, I'm sure.

There's nothing I like better than a bit of call and response, where one post sparks off another writer to blog on the same issue. Nicky Schmidt's post on her voice-related epiphany was the catalyst this week, generating many comments and inspiring Maureen Lynas to relate The Boil on the Bum Incident in response. And how can you go wrong with a title like that?

Candy Gourlay continues her mission to take over the Blog Break, posting twice on different sites this week. But I'm wise to your tricks, Gourlay! Out of the two posts, the most useful is a nifty guide on Notes from the Slushpile, where Candy brings her journalistic background to bear on the world of social media.

Fans of wormholes, whirlpools and other things that swirl will love Nick Cook's cover reveal for his forthcoming Cloud Riders. It's bold and beautiful!

Movie adaptations of books often get a bad press for dumbing down their source material, but Sally Poyton has a different point of view. As a child growing up with dyslexia, she found that book adaptations were a fantastic way to unlock the material and help her enjoy the printed work. Read all about it in her blog post.

Finally, I was very excited to get a sneak peak at the artwork from Sarah McIntyre and Philip Reeve's new book. Sarah blogged here and here about their follow-up to Oliver and the Seawigs which is set (oh still my beating heart) in space!


Nick Cross is a children's writer, blogger and all-round techno-ninja. In 2010 he was a winner of Undiscovered Voices with his zombie comedy Back from the Dead and currently writes short fiction for Stew Magazine, an event that was recently celebrated on this site.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Nick. There may be more embarrassing moments to come!

  2. Great choices, Nick - love all the 'voice' talk going on.


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