Congratulations to Anne-Marie, an Outstanding SCBWI Volunteer!

It is such a joy to wish many many congratulations to the lovely Anne-Marie Perks, who has won this year's SCBWI British Isles Outstanding Contribution Award!

The Outstanding Contribution Award recognises a special volunteer, somebody who embodies the welcoming and supportive spirit of SCBWI and has made an outstanding contribution to shaping and growing our chapter.

Anne Marie has been firmly putting the I in SCBWI since it first took root in the British Isles. 

As Illustrator Coordinator she has worked tirelessly to promote and champion the contribution of the illustrators in the chapter.

Anne-Marie has created a successful series of events and opportunities for illustrators including the long running illustrator Masterclass series, the innovative Picture Book retreat and of course the Illustrator's side of the conference. She is a careful organiser keeping her smile and an open mind as she manages the difficult balance between work deadlines and the demands of an increasingly active illustrator membership.

It is thanks to her that illustrators continue to remain part of the heart of SCBWI

She also manages a small but steadily growing team of illustrators who share her vision.
In the spirit of this award, Anne-Marie is also generous with her time, experience and knowledge with a range of members, while working as a professional illustrator and a university lecturer. Not only that, Anne Marie also brings Words & Pictures readers the wonderful featured illustrators who make W&P so splendid!

It is thanks to her that illustrators continue to remain part of the heart of SCBWI.

Thank you Anne-Marie for all the years you've made an outstanding contribution!

At the conference, Anne-Marie was presented with her award in the best Oscar style - by video! We hope to embed the video here just as soon as we've tracked it down. So very soon please do watch this space!


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