Network News: North West Thank You Stephanie Williams – A SCBWI Star

We are feeling a little sad out in the networks this week. Our North West Network Organiser, Steph Williams has unfortunately had to step down from the role due to ill health.

Steph is a long serving SCBWI volunteer. She has been working hard to build the North West network for a number of years now, setting up critique groups in Manchester and Chester, as well as launching the popular North West Professional Series. Before that, Steph was the Editor for Words and Pictures.

If you keep up with the discussion on our SCBWI British Isles Facebook Page, you’ll know there’s been much love out there for Steph this week.  Members have been paying homage to Steph’s hard work and commitment and thanking her for the support she has offered in terms of their own writing journeys.
Here are some of the lovely things our members have been saying:

"Steph has done an amazing amount during the years I've been a SCBWI member. Hers has been a long and genuine commitment. Thanks, Steph. You're a true mate and helped set me on the writer's path."

Marnie Riches

"Steph - you were an ace, hard working coordinator and will be hard to replace."

Carmel Waldron

"Oh my goodness, that's sad to hear. The North West events I went to were always top drawer. Steph did an amazing job."

Louise Cliffe-Minns

On behalf of the Networks team, I’d like to once again thank Steph for her amazing contribution to SCBWI. Steph, you are a Scoobie star. I hope you are back to full health soon, and until then we’ll keep your seat warm at the Manchester critique groups.

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