Celebrating Jan!

Good Morning Words and Pictures. I would just like to say a great big enormous 'thank you' to Jan Carr for everything she's done for this fabulous blog of ours. And what better way to do so, than to ask those who've worked with her over the last couple of years to say a few words...

Katrina Charman
It has been a privilege working alongside Jan. Her positive attitude, hard work and enthusiasm have made Words and Pictures a wonderful resource for children's writers and illustrators. It will be sad to see her leave, but I know that whatever she turns her hand to next will be fabulous and I wish her the very best for the future.

Lorraine Cook
I met Jan six and a half years ago at the Winchester Writers Conference. It is entirely due to her that I joined SCBWI, met a brilliant bunch of people at the Southampton Goal Setting group she started, and volunteered for Words and Pics. She's a great friend and amazing person who makes things happen. She's also an excellent writer and she deserves to have things happen for her too - soon.

Nick Cross
My favourite Jan moment was at the 2013 SCBWI conference party, when she won the Outstanding Contribution Award. Even though I'd also been nominated for the OCA that year, I had my fingers crossed that Jan was going to be the winner. She looked so surprised when she went up on that stage, and even a little embarrassed. Jan has never been one to seek the limelight or talk up her own huge contribution to the success of Words & Pictures, so it was nice that for once she got to stand at the front and receive the applause she so richly deserves.

Paul Morton
I think I'd like to say how very generous and tactful Jan has always been with her comments and suggestions.
Friendly, approachable and generous.

John Shelley
I'll never forget when I first met Jan. Words and Pictures was being relaunched online, and Anne-Marie, Bridget and myself arranged a meeting with Jan in London to discuss the design, layout and format of feature submissions. Jan was late due to train delays, but breezed in with a big smile and energy, and immediately I knew we were in the presence of someone used to taking charge. Jan had prepared everything almost down to the last detail, and just needed the design and submission angle from us illustrators. I was impressed by her vision for the magazine, and her sharp ability to see how we all fitted together. We're a woolly bunch of artists who tend to just tip in together, however Jan was having none of that. We were all given specific roles with set goals and parameters; it was all about structure!

Jan knew exactly how to run the magazine. From my position as the Friday feature editor she's been supportive, encouraging and visionary.

Mel Rogerson
It's been a pleasure working with Jan over the last two years. Although we rarely met in person, Jan was always available on the other side of the inbox or via Skype, brimming with enthusiasm and full of brilliant suggestions. Vounteering can sometimes be hard work, but Jan made it fun (and put up with mine and Katrina's devotion to spreadsheets!). Thanks for everything you've done, Jan and best of luck with the writing!

Nicky Schmidt
Jan and I have enjoyed the most unique of working relationships, we've never met and yet we've worked together successfully from afar – very afar! The Internet is a wonderful thing, and we've been able to enjoy a successful and useful working relationship, which has seen all sorts of ideas come to fruition.
I've been sorry to disappoint Jan by not making it over to the UK in the two years that she led Words & Pictures, and equally, I've been disappointed not to meet her.  But watch this space, Jan, I'm working on that teleporter…!
 Thanks, Jan, for the opportunities, for the understanding, and the for commitment you've shown and given to Words & Pictures.  You did a brilliant job and you'll be missed in the Editor's Chair. Here's to all sorts of wonderful success as you move forward with your writing!

Catriona Tippin

I echo all the enthusiasm you'll collect about Jan's enthusiasm! I've enjoyed her sense of humour - she 'gets' and appreciates tongue-in-cheek articles/comments/emails/etc. Words & Pictures has thrived under her editorship.

Bridget Strevens-Marzo
I treasure a lovely memory of you, Jan, gently presiding over our first and only W&P illustration committee meeting in my house then going up to the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane for a well-earned and very late lunch afterwards.  

I think you must have realized then, if not before, that we author-illustrator types are a hard bunch to herd. Most of us are doing more than two jobs - illustrating (which is often the most time-consuming process) as well as writing, managing accounts, networking and promoting our work. Our multifarious deadline dramas, not to mention a surfeit of not always realizable dreams, can make us seem difficult despite all our good intentions.  

We are like a bunch of scattered crayons all in different colours, but with your creative eye, you managed to lay us out in order, and got us putting the 'Pictures' in Words & Pictures.  Bravo - and I hope it bodes well for your future career - thank you again Jan!

Clare Helen Welsh

I met Jan in real life only twice but she was, hand on heart, the loveliest, happiest and sunniest person I have ever met!


  1. Hurray for Jan! May all your future successes be blockbusters!

  2. Absolutely agree with everyone's comments, 100%. I am a massive Jan-Fan! Jan always makes everyone's contributions, however small in the big SCBWI scheme of things, valued and respected and has always been supportive, friendly and professional whenever I've met or communicated with her. Thank you, Jan.

  3. Woohoo!! Go Jan! And thank you for everything you have done ...

  4. Bugger - I didn't get mine in on time.
    Suffice to say she's an original, a big-hearted treasure whom I am so glad to know.

  5. There are many of us Jan-fans - SCBWI is a kind and welcoming place in large part to you

  6. This is such a lovely saturday morning surprise, you wonderful people i'm a bit of a wreck now. xxx

    In a good way.

  7. All remarks so well deserved. Thank you Jan, for looking after us so well.

  8. What a lovely and we'll deserved tribute. Hooray for Jan xxx I

  9. I'm definitely a Jan-fan too! You've been so brilliant - W & P has such a lovely team - I really enjoyed working with you all and yes, your energy was a great part of that. You've done soooo much for the Scoobies and the appreciation is well deserved - I hope your amazing writing will soon get the same attention. xx

  10. Thanks so much for all your help with getting us slots to promote last year' s Author Master classes, Jan and for being an all round lovely person.
    Alison & Cath

  11. Words+Pics is great thanks to you Jan!Thank you for your kindness and encouragement and best of luck with everything

  12. What a beautiful and well-deserved tribute to you, Jan. I'm also a massive fan of yours. I wish you lots of success with all you do in the future. C x

  13. Anotehr Jan-Fan here! She's an amazing woman with an ability to coax the best from everyone - yet she combines all this skill and talent with genuine humility. Jan, thank you for everything you've done with W&P, I know I was onl Celebrations editor for a short while but it was truly a delight to work with you. I'm so glad you're in my network, doing fab things for our Southampton members - you are a genuine STAR xxx

  14. Jan, you are an absolute marvel! xx

  15. You are all so lovely xxxxxx
    Thank you

  16. Late to the Jan-fan party but a devoted admirer, nonetheless. You're a joy to work with and a pleasure to know, Jan, and I'll be so happy when we're all able to buy a book of yours. xx


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