Introducing our New Editors for Words & Pictures

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our wonderful new, volunteer Editors. Please put your hands together and give a warm welcome to: Louise Cliffe-Minns (our new Events Editor), Charlotte Comley (our new Celebrations Editor), Jennifer Lane and Julie Sullivan Winn (our two new Monday Features Editors).

Louise Cliffe-Minns ~ Events Editor

Lou has moved about a bit, she grew up in the North West, but then moved to Leicester, Cambridge, London, Northampton and Sydney. She now lives between the UK and Australia with her hubby and three kids who force her to enjoy the Great Outdoors. When not grappling with deadly spiders and chasing kangaroos she writes Middle Grade and YA fiction.

Lou has been an English and Drama teacher, briefed MPs for Keynotes, written content for E-learning and has dragged reluctant CEOs around prisons and homeless shelters. She has an MA in creative writing, has been a member of SCBWI BI since 2011 and is a part of the Muddle Graders on line critique group.

Charlotte Comley ~ Celebrations Editor

Charlotte is owned by a small West Highland Terrier who is used to getting his own way. In between his walks and caring for her adorable two children, she works as a freelance writer, professional storyteller and tutor. She's had eleven educational resources published as well as various pieces of fiction, non fiction and radio work.  

Charlotte is currently studying an MA in Creative Writing for Children at Winchester University. She enjoys writing for the five to eight and middle grade age range but she's excited about writing her first YA novel. 

Jennifer Lane ~ Monday Features Editor

Jenn has always been surrounded by books: you can't move in her house for fear of knocking over a stack or two. She's worked in libraries, bookshops and has even turned her hand to writing a few of them herself.

She studied an MA in Writing for Children before being represented by Curtis Brown Literary and Talent Agency. Born in Liverpool but now based in Lancaster, Jenn loves to ramble on the moors, watch wildlife and scribble things down in her notebook.

Julie Sullivan Winn ~ Monday Features Editor

Julie is American and has lived most of her life in Europe, mainly in France and Germany. Her four children all went to school in the U.K. and two still live here. She moved to London this year from Paris and is looking forward to working on Words and Pictures.

I'm sure you'll agree, what a fabulous bunch they are. Here's to a fun time working on W&P. Cheers, Nancy.


  1. Welcome to them all: W+P is a pleasure to read and a very useful resource. Long may it flourish!

  2. Looking forward to reading your words of wisdom, and realizing that I recognise some of your faces from the recent SCWBI Conference I read W&P avidly.

  3. Hello and welcome to the W&P collective :-)

  4. HI - looking forward to getting to know you. Some awesome experience and lifestyles detailed there! Kx

  5. Hi everyone. Thx for keeping W&P going from strength to strength!

  6. How wonderful! Thanks everyone! x

  7. Looking forward to being part of the W&P team. Exciting times.

  8. Thank you for ensuring that W&P continues to thrive!


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