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Welcome Karen and Tania 

We are very excited in the networks team about the appointment of our two new London Network Organisers, Karen Taylor and Tania Tay. As our London members will already know, Anita Loughrey has done an amazing job there, but, living in the South East, wanted to concentrate her future efforts closer to home. It has taken us a little while to find a replacement for Anita, but it was worth the wait as we now have not one but two brilliant new volunteers to take the London network forward. Both Tania and Karen have been active SCBWI members for a while now, and whilst it was always going to be hard for anyone to follow in the footsteps of the ‘perfect hostess’ Anita, we know they’ll do a great job. You can find out more about Tania and Karen below.

Thanks Anita and Good Luck in the South East 

Whilst I know our London members will be sad to say goodbye to Anita, one network’s loss is another’s gain, as Anita will now join Jane Haryott to complete the South East network team. We’ll let you know more about the plans that Jane and Anita have for the South East soon. In the interim a massive thank you to Anita for all her hard work in London. You may have seen the amazing buzz on Facebook when our London members thanked her personally for her contribution to the region by surprising her with gifts and tributes at the March social. There can be no better testament to the contribution made by Anita than the messages of thanks and appreciation she received from members who even put together a special thank you book, with comments that Anita said ‘she’ll treasure forever’.


More About Tania and Karen: 

Karen and Tania are already settling into their new roles and we’ll let you know more about what they have planned for London after the summer break. Until then, here’s some more information about your new Network Organisers:

Tania Tay 

Tania Tay has been a SCBWI member for three years. She still remembers the warmth of the welcome that Anita gave her at her first London social, and has since made loads of Scooby friends and met some amazing people – authors, illustrators, editors and agents. She’s done some editorish stuff for Words and Pictures and currently organizes the SCBWI Writer’s Retreat. Tania has a degree in History of Art from Edinburgh University and then worked in advertising as a copywriter in Singapore, Manchester and London. She used to write funny dark-ish short stories for grown ups and is now writing a middle grade fantasy about an evil Dragon Empress. She has three kids – a grown up, a teen and a very sporty minion!


Karen Taylor  


Karen Taylor is a Y2 Scooby who has packed in quite a bit during the past year and a half – supping at Anita’s inspired literary socials, meeting, greeting, writing and eating at the brilliant spring Retreat organised by Tania, brunching with Miriam and co and networking with the experts at The Agent’s Party. When she’s not soaking up the atmosphere and advice, she writes children’s books and edits and writes news articles and features. Her WIP is an urban YA Thriller based in London. Karen’s been a London-based journalist and editor for over 25 years; her thriller The Trade, published by Endeavour Press, pays light-hearted homage to her globe-trotting days as a young commodity reporter. She has a teenage son who’s just about to fly the nest and two hyperactive kittens who are muscling in to fill the void.

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  1. We in London are going to miss Anita, who's been such a diligent, welcoming and inclusive coordinator. Welcome to Tania and Karen. We can't wait to hear your plans!


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