Small Big Celebration for Shalbey Bellaman

Charlotte Comley

Shalbey Bellaman dropped us a line to let us know that she is about to self publish her first book, Jack in the Wallows - the release date is this Merry Month of March. Obviously, she's got lots of work to do. Shalbey did most of the work herself with the exception of the cover and editing.

She asked for a big SCBWI hello!

Do you have a celebration story to share? Why not drop us a line?


  1. That's a lovely cover design, who is the illustrator?

  2. Well done, Shelley! Lovely to be able to celebrate a fellow SCBWI crit group member's publishing success. Now that I have my (signed!)copy, I'm really looking forward to reading it.

    1. Hi Alison,thank you! It's great to be able to share celebrations with fellow SCBWI'ers. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Hello, Shalbey! Congratulations and best of luck. Beautiful cover illustration.

  4. Thank you John, I'm really thrilled with the cover. It was done by Lauren at The Cover Collection using images from Shutterstock

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  8. Thank you John, I'm really thrilled with the cover. It was done by Lauren at The Cover Collection using images from Shutterstockfuntime inflatables


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