SCBWI Conference Scholarship for 2016!

If you’re a member of SCBWI British Isles and you’d love to come to the conference in Winchester on 18th-20th November, but money is an issue, READ ON.

The Margaret Carey Scholarship covers the cost of the conference and accommodation in a hotel, a 1-2-1 critique with an editor, art director or agent, and a grant towards travel to Winchester. 

It was set up in memory of SCBWI volunteer Margaret Carey. Author and friend, Sara Grant, says, "Margaret Carey was an inspired artist and author, a dedicated SCBWI volunteer and a dear friend. She is remembered not only for her exceptional talent but also for giving back to SCBWI and helping others achieve their artistic and literary dreams. She received the first SCBWI-BI volunteer recognition award. With this scholarship, her legacy continues."

Key points:
The scholarship will be awarded in TWO categories: picture book writers/illustrators; and middle grade/young adult writers. 
You may be unpublished, self-published or previously published, agented or non-agented BUT the work you submit must not be under contract with a traditional publisher. 
Unfortunately we can’t accept applications from SCBWI members from regions other than the British Isles. 
Work will be judged by an anonymous team of industry professionals and will be selected on both merit and need. You must address financial need to be considered for this scholarship.
Winners will be notified as soon as the judging process is complete, which may not be until mid-October. We will endeavour to email all applicants to let them know if they have or haven’t been successful before the announcement.
You have until midnight on Monday 22nd August 2016 to enter.

The Margaret Carey Scholarship covers the cost of the conference and accommodation in a hotel, a 1-2-1 critique with an editor, art director or agent, and a grant towards travel to Winchester.

For further details please go here.  First, why not read how attending last year’s conference helped our 2015 winners? 

Susan Brownrigg, winner of the middle grade/young adult scholarship

“Winning the Margaret Carey Scholarship was a real honour. It was also a lovely confidence boost to know that an anonymous panel of industry professionals had enjoyed my entry - the opening chapter of Girl Churns Up Trouble, my third attempt at a middle grade novel. 

"At the conference, I learned an awful lot about writing craft and gained useful feedback from my one-to-one with an agent. 

"It was great being surrounded by so many people who love writing for children, not just my fellow North West group members but people from across the British Isles. I met some lovely people that weekend and we have kept in touch since. 

"I would say to anyone considering entering, 'Go for it.' I'll have my fingers crossed for you, and even if you don't win it’s an opportunity to perfect your opening chapter.

"I couldn't afford to go last year without the scholarship. This year I have been saving up every month to ensure I can go again. I am counting down the days to November. 

"Not long after the 2015 conference I was delighted to learn that my opening chapter had been selected to feature in the Undiscovered Voices anthology. Since then I have been refining my book - now retitled Kingdom of Treasures - submitting to agents and writing a new novel and putting those craft lessons to practice!”

Alison O’Donnell, winner of the picture book writers/illustrators scholarship

“Last September I signed my first book deal and won the Margaret Carey Scholarship in the same week. What a fantastic week! The annual SCBWI conference was more important  to me than ever before. 

"I took advantage of PULSE sessions that discussed author events like school visits and social media profiles. In addition there were other perks such as: a one to one with an agent, Friday night critique etc.

"Since the conference, I have created my own website and Facebook page and I'm planning author events. I'm also happy to say that I've secured a second book deal.  

"I would urge all eligible writers to apply for this fantastic opportunity. I am very grateful. "

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