Network News: Wales SCBWI Birthday Celebrations

 Wales - famous for cake?

If Wales is not famous for its cake, then it should be.  Dragons, rugby and cake - although rugby was overtaken by football on the day we met in Carmarthen.
Text and pictures by Claire Fayers and Zoë Thomas.

Calon Cafe 

Calon Café does the best tea and cake in Carmarthen and though only four of us could make it to the party, that just meant there was more of it to go round!  We had a great time chatting about everything from the trials of writing picture books (how do you tell a story in under 500 words?) to the darker, more literary end of YA.

More than one party 

 Not content with one birthday celebration, we got together again a few weeks later for the launch of Claire Fayers book The Accidental Pirates.  This book would never have happened without SCBWI, as it was an Undiscovered Voices winner in 2014.  After her book signing - in which the shop sold out of books and we had to go and get more! - the cake and bunting came out in force, in the friendly Juno Lounge next door.  Claires editor, Rachel Kellehar from Macmillan also attended and the SCBWIers had a great time chatting to her about her role as a editor and what kind of books shes looking for.

Network coordinator 

And an extra reason to celebrate  Zoë and Claire have been unofficially volunteering as co-ordinators in Wales this year, but Zoë has now been officially appointed as our Network Co-ordinator. 

Her efforts are already paying off, with a growing membership in Wales and plans for lots more events so watch this space!

A warm and supportive place 

As we all know, SCBWI BI is warm and supportive place to spend your time, meet like-minded enthusiasts and learn from some of the best authors and illustrators in the business so a big Happy Birthday from all of us in Wales, and heres to another 
20 years ad infinitum!


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