Ten-Minute Blog Break - 28th March

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Nick Cross writes:
Has it really been two weeks since the last Blog Break? I've been completely rushed off my feet and I'm sure many of you have too! So take a few minutes to relax, grab a suitable beverage (snack optional) and enjoy the best of our SCBWI-BI blog posts.

Peter Bunzl has been even busier than I have, rushing all over the place for his very first set of World Book Day events. His energetic blog post shows us all the outfits, activities and events that have filled his month.

Joanna Norland has been back to school as well, visiting her daughter's year one class to try out her picture book on some real live children. Unpublished writers are often reticent to take their work into schools - fearing that it won't be ready - but Joanna's blog post discusses why she thinks it's a vital step to take.

Cathy Bee attended SCBWI-BI supremo Natasha Biebow's picture book masterclass on "Marvellous Motivation" recently, and has written an enthusiastic post about what she learnt from the experience.

Loretta Schauer has been doing her best to brighten up Petts Wood Library in Bromley, by making an incredibly colourful mural with local school children. Her post for Big Little Tales goes into detail on the process and challenges of making a large-scale work with limited time and budget.

What cheese would you use to tempt a bear down from a tree? asks Natalie Yates. Whether you know the answer or not, you'll want to check out Natalie's report on the comedy writing workshop she attended at the WOW Festival in Hull.

Addy Farmer can be relied upon to write wonderful blog posts, and The Joy of Small Things is no exception. By focusing on the small, but easy to miss, details of a child protagonist's life, Addy shows how we can connect more deeply with our stories and ourselves.

Finally, I find Jennifer Moore broadcasting on my wavelength once again, with a fun post where she tries to track down those elusive words that never quite make it out of our heads onto the page...


Nick Cross is Words & Pictures' Blog Network Editor. He is an Undiscovered Voices winner and 2015 honours recipient of the SCBWI Magazine Merit Award for fiction.

Nick is looking a bit different because he recently shared a scary illustrated children's story on his website. Click here to check out Mindworm.


  1. Thanks for including me Nick! ☺️

  2. Thanks Nick, some really interesting post in this round-up.

  3. The best part of being tagged is that it prompted me to read my fellow SCBWI's valuable posts - and I've added some pic books to my must-read list. Thank you, Nick!


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