SCBWI-BI TwitterChat @SCBWI_BI would like to invite you to our first TwitterChat on Thursday 11th May. 

To launch the party Claire Watts, Co-editor of Words & Pictures, asks #scbwichat host Tizzie Frankish to give us the lowdown on Twitter chat and how to get involved.

We are excited to announce that hot on the heels of the Undiscovered Voices 2018 launch, our very first #scbwichat guests are part of the fantastic UV team:

Jenny Glencross 
Benjamin Scott
Rosie Best
Anne-Marie Perks
Patrick Miller 

From 8 to 9pm on Thursday 11th May, the UV team will be answering questions for both writing and illustration. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to catch up on all the information that was given at the UV launch (especially for those who couldn’t make it) or to clarify things that were talked about. The committee will also give some hints and tips on putting together a great submission and will share some of the advice that was given by the judges on the launch day.

Undiscovered Voices is an initiative by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) British Isles to help fresh, new voices in children’s literature – both writers and illustrators – find agents, publishers and ultimately readers. 

So, Tizzie, can you explain to readers what a Twitterchat is? 

A Twitterchat is when the Twitter community talk live, connecting via a hashtag at specified time – some great examples of this are #UKMGchat, #UKYAchat, #UKteenchat. By using the particular chat’s hashtag allows you to find others who are online and engaged with the same chat at the same time as you are.

How does SCBWIchat work? 

During an hour-long chat event, @SCBWI_BI will post questions using the hashtag #scbwichat to our guest or guests in 5-minute intervals to get the conversation started! People are encouraged to join in throughout and comment on the questions using #scbwichat and the appropriate question hashtag (see below).

In the last 20 minutes, there will be an open discussion with our participating guests and people are free to tweet guests their own questions.

It’s important to remember to tag @SCBWI_BI and include the event hashtag #scbwichat in all your tweet during the Twitterchat.

For those of you who might be wrangling with children’s bedtime, cooking up a storm or watching your favourite programme, you can pop in and out using the schedule below as guidance:

Introduction to the UV team

Look for our official questions  with the hashtag #Q
Guests will respond to question #Q1 with answer #A1 and so on. This secondary hashtag allows for easier participation and makes it easier to follow if you can’t make the event but want to catch up over a cuppa and cake at a later date.

8.308.50 Open Discussion
An opportunity for tweeters to join in and ask questions of their own.

How do people get involved? 

Anyone can join in the Q&A by using #scwbichat. The chat is a fantastic opportunity to find out what SCBWI_BI is all about and to connect and communicate with existing members. We encourage everyone from seasoned tweeters to standing-in-the-wings newbies, members and non-members to come together on the Twittersphere and be part of SCBWI_BI.

Whats your role, Tizzie?

I am the host of SCBWIchat. My role is multifaceted; in the lead up to the event I will be inviting guests, asking official questions and arranging the format of the chat. On the night, I will have my Master of Ceremonies hat on and will be online to ensure that the event runs smoothly (whilst pausing for official biscuit breaks, of course).

What topics are you planning to cover in SCBWIchat? 

Unlike specific hashtags which cater for a particular genre or age group, the #scbwichat will cover a diverse range of topics, for example Picture Books, Young Fiction, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Illustration, Pre-published, Published, the Writing Process. We are currently finalising the year plan and are always open to finding out what people are interested in and may offer it out for some suggestions using a Twitter Poll or two. Watch this space!

Will you have guest tweeters? 

Always! Each month we will be invite guests to participate in the #SCBWIchat. The guests will vary depending on that month’s topic and will range from industry professionals such as agents, publishers and event organisers, to authors and illustrators relating to a specific topic.

How often will SCBWIchat happen?

It will be around the third Thursday of every month. Look out for SCBWIchat:

May 11th
June 15th
July 20th
August 10th
September 14th
October 19th
November 23rd
December 21st
January 18th
February 15th
March 15th
April 26th

Where will you announce SCBWIchat? 

Keep your eyes peeled on the SCBWI_BI web page, Words & Pictures, Facebook and of course Twitter.

Is there any way for people who arent on Twitter to get involved?

We are hoping to Storify the event and post in Words & Pictures and on the SCBWI-BI Facebook page. Well give you further details of how to access this as soon as we have them.

Hope to see you at the first ever TwitterChat!
8-9pm on Thursday 11th May. 

If you have any questions, 
please ask away in the comments section below. 


By day, Tizzie Frankish is a mum to two boisterous boys and a part-time university tutor; by night, an agented writer who is plagued by her characters. She writes better in her dreams than she does in the cold light of day (thank goodness for edits!) and she’s currently working on a number of Young Fiction stories. Her works are often humorous and more often than not include animals; even if she starts out thinking they won’t.

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