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Nick Cross presents his fortnightly selection of must-read blogs.

Lu Hersey is looking at both sides of the story in an engaging blog post. The Little House on the Prairie is an acknowledged classic, but Lu has been reading a different series that explores a similar timeframe from the perspective of a Native American girl.

How long is a piece of string? As long as it took Jess Butterworth to decide to become a writer (at the tender age of ten).

Sam Zuppardi keeps things very simple on his blog - just a sentence or two and an illustration - but the simplicity is part of the attraction. Sam's latest series of posts finds him drawing quirky characters inspired by English place names.

With a debut novel on the way, Rowena House is thinking about a website and researching other authors' sites to see what works. Her blog post is full of useful tips.

I'm about to start a beginners' drawing class (gulp), so Katherine Lynas's new Skillshare course "Drawing Without Fear" is very timely. Read all about it on her blog.

Moira McPartlin recently launched her new novel Wants of the Silent with a London event, and she's written a companion blog post for A Very Big Blog Adventure. In it, Moira advocates writing bravely and tackling tough subjects in children's fiction that challenge cultural taboos.


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Nick also blogs for Notes from the Slushpile. His most recent blog post finds him Doing the Time Warp.

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