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Nick Cross presents his fortnightly selection of must-read blogs.

That yearly celebration of drawing #Inktober is in full swing, and at least two of our SCBWI-BI members have been blogging about it. Trish Phillips shares just a few of her illustrations in a post for Big Little Tales, but John Shelley is going the whole hog with weekly updates of all his drawings: see week one, week two and week three.

I'm always fascinated by the way other writers approach their craft, so it was a pleasure to read Rowena House's post on her approach to "place" in storytelling. By analysing examples by several authors, Rowena's post explores how to shape your story through the subjective reality of your characters.

Paeony Lewis's post for Picture Book Den is an entertaining example of persistence, tracking a single picture book story from its inception, through multiple editors and publishers, to eventual publication!

We all know the benefits of reading for children, but what about the benefits for writers? How can you learn to turn off your analytical writer brain and just slide luxuriously into a story? Claire Watts has some tips.

Can writers and scientists ever be friends? Claire Fayers thinks so, in a clever post that applies key scientific principles to the business of plotting.

Candy Gourlay has been uncharacteristically quiet for the last few months, so it's a pleasure to welcome her back to the Blog Break. Her post for Notes from the Slushpile about Facebook author pages is full of helpful tips on self-promotion and social media.


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