We love bringing you SCBWI-BI good news! Charlotte Comley shares some SCBWI success stories worth celebrating this month!


It’s been an exciting few months for SCWBI member Moira Mcpartlin who has had book launches in Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow and London celebrating the launch of Wants of the Silent, Book 2 of the Sun Song Trilogy. Moira partied with wine, cakes and fellow SCWBI pals; Sarah Broadly and Chitra Soundar.

You can find out more about Moira’s adventures on her social media:
Moira McPartlin Twitter
Moira McPartlin Facebook

Kate Wiseman's debut novel, Gangster School, is being published by Piper Verlag in Germany on 2nd October, as part of a three book deal. The second book will be out in Spring 2018. Kate says, "I’m delighted and I've just joined the review team at the wonderful My Book Corner website. My first review of Winston and the Marmalade Cat is live on there now. It's a lovely site with so much enthusiasm about children's and YA books. I'm delighted to be one of their amazing bunch of reviewers. The set the standard of review very high – hope I'm up to the challenge."

Catherine Cooper’s 11th book is due out on the 9th October. It is the first companion book to six books already in the Jack Brenin series and is entitled, Finnik the Delve's Book of Dragons. Catherine is keen to give a big thank you to the illustrators and says, "There are three illustrators that have contributed to the book... my husband, Ron Cooper, who has drawn the map; Ellen F Walker, who has drawn the dragons and knights, and myself, who designed the cover as well as the rest of the borders and illustrations in the book."

Check out Catherine’s awesome success at: www.pengridion.co.uk

Elizabeth Ezra's debut children's book, the middle-grade novel, Ruby McCracken: Tragic Without Magic, will be coming out on the 19th of October, published by Floris Books. The cover image was drawn by Aimee Ferrier, who won the Kelpies Art & Design Prize, and there are some great graphics inside done by the Floris design team. Elizabeth will be celebrating at the launch on Halloween with chocolate 'spider eggs' and 'bat milk' of the sauvignon blanc variety!

Dawn Treacher's first picture book, Mouse Pirate, for which she is the author and illustrator, was published by Stairwell Books on the 16th September this year. Dawn says, "We had a launch at York Explore Library, and ran a children's treasure hunt and colouring activity. My publisher dressed as a pirate too to read the story and we gave out lots of treasure. My main character, Wilfred the Mouse Pirate has his own FB page so he used this to promote and celebrate his launch."

I love Wilfred’s page, this is the link: https://www.facebook.com/Mousepirate/

Coo Clayton, is another debut, Maggie's Mittens and is being published by Black&white publications, due to be released on October 11th! It's a Scottish themed story about Maggie, a young girl who really doesn't like wearing her Mittens! This book is beautifully illustrated by Alison Soye.

And More

Fiona Barker has just signed with Tiny Tree Books and her next picture book will be out in 2018. It is being illustrated by Howard Gray who Fiona met at the SCBWI conference last year. Howard Gray subsequently signed with Bright. This will be his first picture book. Unfortunately, Fiona says she can’t share the title, "I'm not allowed in case it ends up getting changed but I can tell you it's about a boy who really, really wants a dog but mum says 'no'. He does get his wish but not quite the way he expected!"

We at the celebration page hope that the writer/illustrator partnership goes well. You can catch up Fiona and Howard here: @Fi_BGB and @hwigray
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013741178987

Fiona also runs the Picture Book Club Facebook page where picture book inclined people can meet, chat and learn about our monthly IRL meetings where they can meet authors, illustrators, agents and publishers

Celebrate with Words & Pictures

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