Spring is trying to fight its way through as we enter what some would say is the luckiest month of the year! As we welcome in March 2018 with lots of luck and new adventures for our members, B B Taylor begins March, sending good luck and positive vibes out with a four-leaf clover for each of you this March.

New Releases 

Lucy Rowland's latest children's book was published on the 25th January 2018 and has been kicking up quite a storm with its popularity. Little Red Reading Hood, illustrated by Ben Mantle and published by MacMillan Children's Books, is available now U.K-wide. And remember, stories can end anyway that you please!

Cynthia Murphy released her latest MG novel Perfectly Able written under the name C.M. Power on the 10th February. It's available to download now on Kindle for all you tech fans looking for something to read on the go!

Megan Walker definitely has cause for celebration this month as her first picture book is unleashed on the world. Illustrated by Megan, written by Rhonda Leet and published by Pow, Franny's Father is a Feminist is due for release this month.

Up-coming Books 

Barbara Henderson is on a roll as her publishers Cranachan announce her upcoming new book Wilderness Wars due out 16th August 2018.

Stuart White is celebrating signing his first publishing deal with Nine Star Press in the U.S. The book, Storm Rising, is a YA Fantasy due out on 14th January 2019.


Ally Sherrick has every reason to be excited this month. Her debut novel, Black Powder, published by Chicken House, has just been shortlisted for the Lambeth Phoenix Book Award, the results of which will be announced in May. Fingers crossed for her!


P.M Freestone is definitely feeling lucky this month. After her success in Undiscovered Voices, she has been signed by Josh Adams from the US Adams Literary Agency. Another great opportunity gained from being a SCWBI member.


Nizrana Farook is also joining the party with a fantastic agent announcement. Nizrana has managed to get herself scooped by Joanna Moult from the Skylark Agency. 


Stuart White is gracing our celebrations once again with more exciting news as he has signed with Sharon Belcastro of Belcastro Agency.

New Members 

We love welcoming new members into SCWBI and watching them grow and succeed in chasing their goals. If you're a new member let us know so we can welcome you too. SCWBI has so much to offer its members - celebrating their successes is just part of the fun! And if you're too shy, or not quite ready yet to give us a wave, remember we are always here to support you along your adventures!

Good News 

Zoe Armstrong is duelling her way to success this month as she has made it to the final six of the SCBWI Duelling Illustrators Manuscript contest! She is really excited to have her story When The Huggalumph Hullabalooed read to an audience at Bologna, and she can't wait to see how the illustrators interpret the text! Good Luck Zoe we are all rooting for you!

Ally Sherrick was bowled over to see her second middle grade WW2-set adventure story, The Buried Crown (Chicken House, published 5 April), come off the presses at CPI Books in Chatham in February. Ally took her dad along too - his evacuee stories helped inspire the creation of her hero, George Penny.

Barbara Henderson spread her wings this World Book Day with an appearance on Turkish TV station TRTWorld.

And of course we can't miss out celebrating all of our authors and illustrators and storytellers who battled the beast and the snow to celebrate World Book Day. So many amazing SCBWI members spent the week all over the U.K celebrating their love of books and stories. Well done everyone, enjoy a well-deserved rest after all those miles and all that talking! 

Barbara Henderson Lochardil Primary 

Dom Conlon Thornleigh Salesian College

B B Taylor Saint John and Saint Monica School 

Have you got good new to share? New book? New agent? Award nominee or winner? Are you a new member? Say hi and let us know. Why not send an email over with your good news, a picture and any links so we can shout and celebrate too :) 


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