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It’s Saturday 16th November 2019 and I’m on a train heading west, writes Sarah Broadley. SCBWI Scotland members  Tita Berredo and Maisie Chan  have intrigued me out of my weekend routine and I’m about to step outside my comfort zone into the land of illustration.

The Hall of Heads in Kelvingrove Gallery in Glasgow’s West End may be a sight to behold but it is a goldmine for creatives across the world.

Walking into the cavernous museum, the heads take centre stage as they dangle freely from the ceiling, all you have to do is look up to see them. The assortment of facial expressions on each of the masks range from looks of horror to bewilderment and laughter.

SCBWI members sketching in the Hall of Heads.
 (Photo credit: Tita Berredo)

A plethora of emotions that can flow onto the page, should you let it. Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine and I selected a face full of joy to attempt to draw. With guidance from our coordinators we were encouraged to try both the illustrating and writing exercises.

After attempting to replicate the smiler above me, I turned to a conversation that perhaps two of them might have – a discussion on the merits of not having a body ensued between my two fictional characters.

(Photo credit: Tita Berredo)
An array of jungle animals poised in their taxidermist state was our next room and I sat beside a cheetah. Not much conversation happened as I gave it my best shot of capturing the beautiful coat of one of the world’s deadliest animals. The writing task to consider – what if one of the animals stole an object? What would you do? Would you run after it? Or stay and hide?

Moving to the Rainforest Room, we were told of the legend of Boitata, a Portuguese fire boa constrictor that lived among the villages of old, frightening everyone with its ability to surround itself with fire.

Boitata and its next victim.
(Picture credit:

In the War Room, stunning displays of warriors, weapons and honourable soldiers gave us the chance to look at the intricate designs and materials used to create the uniforms once worn with pride. The Chinese warrior had a note that told onlookers that he was not as brave as the uniform suggested. It was created to give the impression that he was better than he was.

Scribble Scrawl organisers Maisie Chan (left) and Tita Berredo.
(Photo credit: Sarah Broadley)

There is a need to try something new. To move away from what you consider a safe place to create and try something different. For me, this event allowed me to do exactly that. I came, I drew, I conquered (my fear of the blank illustrator’s page).

*Header image: Tita Berredo


Sarah Broadley lives in Edinburgh with her family and two cats. She is a member of SCBWI Scotland. Follow her on Twitter.


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