CONTACT KNOWHOW Inspiration in Isolation

With everyone indoors, Contact KnowHow takes a new direction. KnowHow editor, Eleanor Pender looks for inspiration we can find while in isolation. 

It is an odd time. Who else feels stuck somewhere between Shakespeare writing King Lear and looking out at the window, searching for… something? Well, KnowHow will do its best to help. We’re heading back to basics – begone, tracking word count! – and getting back to our inspiration.

Take your time your own way
I don’t know about you but time has slowed down. If you can, take advantage of this to do things your own way. Maybe you’ve discovered the RSPB Birdsong Radio Spotify playlist going around, or have rediscovered audiobooks. I started listening to podcasts for the first time in a while and it made me stop and take a moment. Find what you need to get some distance, and maybe you’ll discover the perspective your writing is waiting for.

Choose your own community
In the UK, lockdown has been in place since mid-March. It’s now April and already there is a lot more going on online. Instagram LIVE, Twitter Q&As, Zoom catchups, Houseparty movie watches – it can feel like a lot, but with this comes a host of communities springing up. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so maybe think about something you have always wanted to do. Looking to paint or illustrate? Sign up to Skillshare – you can have two months for free. Looking to develop a regular yoga practice? YouTube is packed with yoga instructors happy to help, such as Yoga with Adriene or Well+Good. Looking to start the day with meditation? There is a host of meditation podcasts to try – I found this list here – alongside mediation apps and videos.

Social media, your way
It goes without saying that our internet connections are connecting us all, a lifeline out into the world beyond our homes. Social media use is up across the board, with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook linking us with friends and family. But we know well, too much social media can be more than distracting. Platforms are regularly updated with news, and also misleading news. It’s important to check in with others but remember that a little can go a long way. You can use Stay Focused to manage your browsing on your laptop, and there is a selection of apps – TideOffTime, Freedom, Forest – that can help you stay on track with what you want to do and reduce the distractions.

You may well be familiar with some of these suggestions. How do you find inspiration to connect to your creativity? If you have any ideas, share them with KnowHow at

Main image by S Alb on Unsplash


Based in Bristol, Eleanor lectures in digital communications and chairs YA and middle-grade events at festivals including Bath Children's Literature Festival, Edinburgh International Book Festival, and YALC. She is currently working on a young adult fantasy novel. Find her on Twitter at @twice_ell.


Do you have any suggestions for KnowHow? If there's something you'd like to know how to do or know more about, tell us. Email KnowHow editor, Eleanor at

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