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In the first of a new series of quick inspirations for home writing, K. M. Lockwood considers food.

Of all the things we have in common, food of some sort is essential. If you want universal appeal, it’s a likely starter. Here are a few ideas for fun creativity, whatever your age. Adapt them however works for you – talking, drawing, writing, even singing perhaps?

1. Use your memories or jot as you munch:
  • Make a record of different flavours in a meal or snack. 
  • Log some smells and colours, noises and textures. 
Try comparing, for example:
  •  if pepper were a sound, what would it be?
  •  what colour is the taste of salt?
  •  which kind of music is a banana like?

Be as daft, serious or weird as you like!

2. Going further – perhaps you could:
  • create a list poem
  • read it aloud – or get someone else to
  • record it as a video / mini-podcast
  • write or type it out
  • add drawings, doodles +/or collage
  • share if you’re feeling generous!

3. If you have a work-in-progress, or fancy an unusual starting point:
  • note down what certain characters love/hate to eat & drink
  • how do they eat: nibble, chomp, savour, bolt it down . . ?
  • which foods are normal for them – and which are for celebrations?
  • how do they get their food: grow it, buy it, cook it themselves, expect servants to bring it, steal it . . ?
  • how is it served – on plates, platters, leaves, shells . . ?
  • are there any rules, customs or laws about food?
Header image by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

K. M. Lockwood loves stories full of folklore, fantasy and fairytale. Happy hours are spent reading, editing and reviewing them – and writing her own Tales from the Garret.

Twitter: @lockwoodwriter

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